How to figure out the chat ?

I dont get it -_- its annoying the living day light outs of me. How does it work ? D:

Answer #1

Im messaging you, but nothings happening. Nothing changed. I deleted my cookies and cache twice now and opened a new window.

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Answer #3

Okay :)

Thank you very much, hopefully ill be on when your back :)

Answer #4

Ok, very sorry, I have to run and help feed my kids (it’s lunch time here…)

I’ll be back in 30 minutes to an hour, if you need more help, etc, and we’ll try to get a screen shot / walk through together as well as soon as we can.

Answer #5

Okay so I just did that and nothing still. Can you try chatting with me again ?

Answer #6

Ok, I just found out - clear your cache and it’ll work fine. The file was changed already so yo have an old version of the js file. Read there for directions on clearing your cached files and then it’ll work fine. :)

Answer #7

Yup. I just keep getting a little red box @ the left corner of my page and I click it and nothing happens.

Answer #8

So it’s totally useless in IE then? Hmm…that’s…odd. I’ll let Ericson know.

Answer #9

What’s chat?

Answer #10

Ha, im not downloading that again. I can deal without a chat. Funmail is perfectly fine.

Answer #11

I did that -_- im not an idiot.

I typed HELLO, and it doesnt do anything. Its the little chat box that isnt working.

Answer #12

Irene, once you click on that link, enter a message in the white space provided and hit enter. Jeremy may tell you if he got it or not.

Answer #13

See I tried that, ill get a little red box saying thedude want to chat with you! and ill click it and it does nothing.

Answer #14

Ok, try refreshing…

and when you tried to chat with me, I was on the development site which is why it didn’t work :)

Answer #15

Click their username they get an alert then you can chat with them in the window that pops up…what did you try to do?

Answer #16

I clicked on there name. I sent them a message. Actually I clicked on YOUR name and sent you one aswell, but nothing. My page keeps saying done with errors on page Heres a screenshot.

Answer #17

do you have a popup blocker ?

Answer #18
Answer #19

Yep, opened the window…scroll up and click the link to open the chat window.

Answer #20

Try using Firefox, it works in there perfectly.

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