How to write a book so young?

Ok, so don’t laugh but im wrighting a book.I have always wanted to be an aurthor and I don’t know the book probably reely sucks, but I guess I might as well try:) the book is really hard to explain, and im not even half way close to finishing it. But its weird, its like someone is putting the words in my head and giving me great ideas but just wondering how to get a book published exspecially since im soo young(13)?

Answer #1

You have to write to a publisher and it also costs, and do learn proper spelling, otherwise you do not get published, and be careful in case somebody is trying to influence you psychically with mind-control

Answer #2

Hae, keep going whatever you think!!! I want to be a writer too, but I only ever write the first chapter or two before I stop!! And about you thinking youre too young, you should read Swordbird, by Nancy Yi Fan. She was about 15 when she wrote it!!! Just keep on going, and dont feel discouraged when publishers turn down your book, theyre just too stupid to know what a great book it is!!

Answer #3

There is a book in the UK called ‘the writer’s handbook’. Looking on the American, the American equivalent seems to be the ‘2010 Writer’s Market’ (am not sure where you live). If you are in either of those countries then I recommend you get to your local library and see if they have a copy of this, or else order the most up to date one you can find. In these books are lists of all of the publishers of books in that particular country and these will be organised by genre. Once you have a good proportion of your book finished then send off a manuscript of 2 or 3 pages to several publishers. This should also be sent with a stamped, self addressed envelope for them to send it back.

Hopefully the publishing company will look over it and give you critical feedback, if they do not feel the book is something they want to publish at that time. Work on the criticisms and sned manscripts out to other publishers. Remember that many, many people will submit things to them everyday, so it may take months for them to find yours in the pile. Do not get disheartened if you do not hear back from the straight away or if you are rejected, just keep working on polishing the story. Eventually you may find someone takes an interest, at which point they will invite you in to a meeting and possibly ask to see more of the manuscript.

Answer #4

Don’t worry! It’s not weird that you wrote a book :) You should definitely send the manuscript to an editor, one little mistake can make all the difference between looking like a prodigy or a bored kid that decided to write a shitty book lol Just work on putting yourself out there. There are lots of websites ( for one) that will assist you in getting your work published. Be patient! This sort of stuff takes time, just don’t give up! Don’t throw your hard work away because you can’t find a publisher instantly.

Best of luck!

Answer #5

I tried to write a book when I was your age. I didn’t have the ambition to finish it, so don’t give up. Write a basic storyline with beginning, middle, and end. Remember, you don’t need to think of a title yet. Then think of the character’s names, appearance, personality, ect.. Make sure you add a ton of detail.

I would google “how to write a book” for some more tips.

Good luck!

Answer #6

Yeahh work on your spelling, 4spelling errors which are words a 5th grdr should be able to spell properly(no offense)

Answer #7

You should probably work on your spelling before you write and entire book

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