How to cut my own hair into an emo style?

I want my hair to be different. An emo look really, I like the color and style of it. I want to do it myself but have no clue how to do, I just want to know if anyone knows how to do it themselves. If not, I’ll just get it done by a professional, but help either way by telling me how.

Answer #1

heey . I have emo hair myself. and you have to have the right hair products and tools to pool off the emo look. I use

  • a hair straightner
  • a hair krimper -pomade (hair product) -Hair wax -TONS OF HAIRSPRAY -and de-frizzer

most of my emo friends have quite short hair like mine , and it looks a lot better , but if you have long hair andyou want to keep it lon you may want to go for the “scene” look insted. For an emo look , you need to have dark hair , or it just looks like your a poser if you dont , if you have lighter coloured hair , put a couple of different colours into it , like blue for instince . whatever suite your personallity best . go to you hair dresser- or do it yourself- and tell them how short you want your hair to be , make it chunk and LOTS AND LOTS of lairs, ask them to give you a wide chunky bang. and you will hopefully pull off the emo look. if you need more help on styling your hair , just go to and type in how to style my emo hair. its a big help , and it shows you how to do it step by step.

I hope I answered your question. if you have any more concerns, just email me or message me .


Answer #2

I have an emo skater hairdresser so he know exactly what im talking about, but otherwise, hairdresser will most likely mess it up, so what you need to do is (if yuou dont mind messing up a little) :

take a razor and chop of chunks in a style you want. I get my hair cut of with a razor. and thinning shears which randomly take off chunks. but yes, chop it ff and make it messy!

so dont try to be all ‘clean cut’ about it (unless you want it like that, because some emo hairstyles are clean cut and others are chunky, mine is more chunky))

then just dye it many different colors in random spots but mostly in the fringe (bangs) part :)

now to style it:

HAIRSPRRRAAYYY!!! lots of pomade (hair wax) and spike it if you get it short in the back OR make some long piecews spikyish :) hair straightner.

hope I helped :)

Answer #3

One of my friends cuts her own hair, and it looks very choppy, she just puts it up in a high poney tail and takes the scissors and just cuts it all together, then when you take it down it looks very layered and choppy.

Answer #4

Thanks! I’ll see what I can do…I know that the emo haircut has a choppy look to it, maybe I can have my mother do it or something…I don’t know…I’ll think it over.

Answer #5

Hey im wanting a emo/scene hair look as well I have got some advise of friends but it doesn’t really work but I hope this helps

sorry its a bit long

  1. Lay the comb flat on the top of the head perpendicular to the hairline. Tip the comb back toward the crown of the head. Notice the point where the comb comes off of the top of the head. This will be the farthest point of the bangs on the top of the head. Mark this point with a bobby pin.

  2. Step 2 Comb down diagonally from the point created in step 1 toward the outside of the left eyebrow. This will be the left outside point of the fringe.

  3. Step 3

Create the right outside point of the fringe by combing down diagonally from the point created in step 1 toward the outside of the right eyebrow. However, on the right side edge, the line will begin diagonally and then will turn straight down to end over the center of the eyebrow. See the diagram for guidance.

  1. Step 4 Comb this section and make sure it is separated from the rest of the hair. Cut the Fringe

  2. Step 1

Comb the section of hair from left to right. Use a comb with fine teeth and pull the hair taut in the comb. Stop the comb with the hair pulled tight. The comb should be lying horizontally across the side of the head.

  1. Step 2 Twist the comb over one turn away from the face with the hair still being held taut in the comb. The teeth of the comb will help hold the hair taut as you turn the comb.

  2. Step 3 Place your fingers at the point along the hair where the comb is. Your index finger will be on top of the hair section and your other fingers will be on the underside of the hair section. Slowly remove the comb and slide your fingers down the hair section to the length you desire for the shortest part of the fringe. Your fingers should be lying horizontally across the side of the head in the same way the comb was in step 1.

  3. Step 4 Cut the hair off horizontally on the right side of your fingers. Make sure you cut the entire section of hair evenly and bluntly.

  4. Step 5 Comb the hair back over the other way across the forehead (right to left). The side fringe should lie across the forehead with the shortest side above the right eyebrow and the fringe getting gradually longer as it crosses the face. Check the fringe length. If it is the length desired, you are finished. If it is not short enough, repeat steps 1 through 4 to make it slightly shorter.

Answer #6

What I did with my ahir the first time I started cutting it emo/scene was I teased it (even though it was long) and the teased long parts I cut. WARNING: do not try it if your not good and careful with hair. I have hair cutting scissors and everytime I cut my hair its a long process of measuring it evenly.

-Charlotte. (: anyother questions you can add me on myspace.

Answer #7

Every time I went to the hairdressers for a choppy emo-style cut, it NEVER turned out the way I liked it. I reckon hairdressers are hopeless when it comes to alternative cuts. My hairstyles always turned out flicky at the ends rather than thin and choppy. And the layers were always either too short or too long. I’d do it yourself. :) I can’t cut my hair myself now because it’s quite short - bad mistake. :(

Answer #8

Good luck, try finding a picture if you want your mum to do it, that way she knows exactly what you want.

Answer #9

Thanks, you helped greatly!!!

Answer #10

I cut my own hair…but it isn’t something you can just TELL someone how to do…If you know how you want it, cut it the way you think is right…but be careful you don’t ef up. I suggest if you’ve never done it before and aren’t brave enough to take the chance of messing up, to just get a pro to do it.

Answer #11

If you want to be different, don’t cut it emo.

Answer #12

use a scissor that is specially suited for the shaggy, layered kind of hairstyle that is usually present in the emo style :)

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