Even though the Wii has more consoles sold doesn’t mean it is better than the XBOX 360!!How can I convince my father that the XBOX 360 is better than the Wii and that he should buy an XBOX 360 instead of a Wii?

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haha aw man that sucks. at least you will have both then right?

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360 have way more functions better online play and they have all of the hotest games like gears 2 halo 3 and many others also better graphics I could go on all day about why the 360 is better if you would like to know more you can fun mail me or call me at 281-312-9553 and the funny thing is.. im on 360 live right now =]

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If he’s pressuring you to buy the Wii and not the 360 it sounds like he wants it around so he can play with it.

I used to sell gaming consoles. Sony knows what they’re doing with the PS3. Microsoft just wanted to get more money so they created the XBox (and screwed it up). Once they figured that a big box with a hard drive and some emulation software just wasn’t enough they decided to actually hire people to design good stuff and thus the 360 was born.

When it comes to the Wii, however, remember that Nintendo’s been making consoles longer than both Sony and Microsoft. The Wii far exceeds the XBox when it comes to graphics and such. But what one person wants is preferential, not requirement. Just because the Wii sells better doesn’t mean you’re required to buy it and be happy with it.

The Wii is the only console I’m lacking. Can’t wait to get one. 8D

Just compare games. XBox and PS have tons of games. The ones that Wii has are interactive, yeah, but that doesn’t mean they’re fun. Use the games offered as a selling point to him.

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I heard that with an XBOX 360, you can play multiplayer games online with friends if they have the same game. And I can’t be certain, but I think you can store music on the memory of the XBOX. My nephew has an XBOX 360 and his controller is wireless. I personally would favour the XBOX 360 over a Wii. I tried that, but it was stupid. It makes you feel like a total prat when you’re jogging on the spot in Wii Fit or acting like your playing real tennis in Wii Sports. If your dad does get a Wii, threaten to take pictures of him making a fool of himself. Lol. Nothing’s sweeter than revenge (as long as no one gets hurt. Lol.)

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honestly I have both console and the 360 owns better grapics better game play better online every thing and its more social =]

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Well, Present him with the “facts”.

I personally like WII but If you really want a 360 then you would just find out the con’s of the WII and the pro’s of the Xbox.

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It is to late know.He bought the Wii.He said he will buy me an XBOX 360 after Easter.

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