How to clean my trumpet?

How do you clean your trumpet in the bath. Do you use soapy water or plain. And do you need to yake out the valves and the tuneing slides or just the valves?

Answer #1

Prepare the Work Area: Step 1: Reserve the bathroom or any other room with a tub and running water. A large wash tub and a water hose in the back yard will work fine if it’s safe from the curiosity of your pet dog.

Step 2: Set up a work table near the tub.

Step 3: Close the bathroom sink’s drain, and place a 2- or 3-foot-square piece of plywood over the sink.

Step 4: Find two Turkish bath towels in good condition. Avoid using worn towels with holes or tears in them.

Step 5: Fold one towel twice or more so it will form a thick pad to protect the valves and delicate tubes of the instrument.

Step 6: Place the towel on the bottom of the bathtub. Be sure it covers the drain hole.

Step 7: Fold and place the other towel on the tabletop or the plywood covering the sink. The work area must be clean and supply cushioning.

Step 8: Find a comfortable chair or stool.

Step 9: Make sure that the light sources are adequate.

Step 10: Get a gooseneck halogen lamp that will illuminate the interiors of small parts.

Step 11: Fill the tub with 6 inches of lukewarm water and add a 1/2 cup of mild liquid soap.

Mouthpiece, Slide and Piston Valves: Step 1: Gently remove the mouthpiece with a slight twisting motion of the hand (no pliers allowed) to the left. (If it’s stuck, see “How to Remove a Stuck Mouthpiece From an Instrument” under Related eHows.)

Step 2: Place the mouthpiece on the work area towel.

Step 3: Apply a slight bit of pressure on the main tuning slide (where the spit valve is located) by hooking the right thumb on the inside curve of the slide and placing the remaining four fingers around the outside end of the trumpet bell.

Step 4: If the slide is stuck, put three drops of penetrating oil on the two points where the small slide enters the larger.

Step 5: Try removal again after 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 6: Remove the tuning slides for the first, second and third valves in the manner described above.

Step 7: Apply penetrating oil to the screw-off hubs at the base and top of the three piston valves.

Step 8: Gently unscrew these six hubs.

Step 9: Carefully unscrew the three finger-pearls at the top of each piston.

Step 10: Place the three finger-pearls and six hubs on the work area towel.

Step 11: Slowly withdraw the three pistons out of their casements. Place them on the towel.

Step 12: Determine the location of the three valve springs.

Step 13: Handle the pistons so the top felt or cork cushions remain intact with any hardware sleeves.

Immersion, Soak and Flush: Step 1: Immerse the trumpet and the loose tuning pipes in the lukewarm soapy water.

Step 2: Turn the instrument several times to insure all tubing has water penetration.

Step 3: Allow the horn to soak for a minimum of 4 hours or as long as overnight.

Step 4: Take the tubing to an outdoor location.

Step 5: Fit a garden hose with a spray-gun valve.

Step 6: Wrap a towel around the end of the hose. Place the hose-gun covered with the towel into the bell of the horn.

Step 7: Flush out the buildup on the inside of the tubing with a strong stream of water.

Step 8: Repeat this procedure with each trumpet tube.

Step 9: Use a small “snake” with a small brush on the end to loosen rebellious dirt. Flush again.

Step 10: Carefully rinse, dry and re-oil all parts. Blow the water out of all tubing.

Step 11: Reassemble the instrument, taking special care on the re-insertion of the valves.

Step 12: Take the horn to the racetrack for a trial run.

Answer #2

I used to just polish it with a damp cloth and clean and re oil the valves and get stuck insinde the bell with a cleaner stick thing but that was my method ask your instructor or somone

Answer #3

You can copy and paste the link below and they give step by step instructions with pictures on how to bathe a trumpet. Be careful not to get the felt wet.

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