How to change which program opens email addresses?

The answer is probably right in front of me...but I was wondering, when you click on someone's email to email them...(ie - mailto) do you change which program opens it?

As of right now, if I click on an email in a website, it opens up Outlook, which I don't use. I'd like to switch it to gmail. The "Default programs" menu in the windows control panel doesn't seem to have the option...

Any techies able to help? :)

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Thanks amblessed, but links aren't allowed in answers unless they are supporting your answer, so I have to delete that.

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Hi - I'm no expert but I researched...this might? help:

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Hi Dara,

Try right clicking on the file.

Choose the 'open with' option

Choose the program from your list that you want to open the file

Then click the 'always use this program to open these files' box.

Click OK.


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To make GMail as your default email handler ?

Download either Google Talk or the Gmail Notifier [available both for Mac and Windows]. For Google talk, open the settings dialog and tick the checkbox next to the setting "Open Gmail when I click on email links". For Gmail notifier, right click the options menu and check the box next to Use Gmail for internet mailto: links.


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Thanks informer, that works :)

Kiasu, I had tried that way, but since web-based emails are not a "program" it didn't give me the option. Thanks though!

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