How to capture or record Netflix live video streams?

Should I use a special Netflix Video Downloader or can I record Netflix movies with any tool for downloading videos? I want to capture Netflix live video streaming, because I want to watch them on my dvd player on my girlfriend’s car when we are going on our holidays. Thanks

Answer #1

Well, thank you for your advices guys, but still I didn’t find an answer to my question, I didn’t find a solution for how to capture Netflix live video streaming, I’ve googled a little bit for a Netflix Video Downloader because Mozilla add-ons don’t record Netflix movies, indeed, as you said. I found replay media catcher and tried it, but there was no sound after recording a part of a movie, so it’s not working. Also tried super screen capture and there was the same problem. I’ve never seen that before, two different software with the same problem. Anyway, I’m still open to find a good Netflix Video Stream Recorder which really captures Netflix live video streams.

Answer #2

Indeed, you need a screen recorder which captures your screen activity, so it will capture your movies too. It’s not the best way to record Netflix movies, but still you’ll have the movies for free. I’d recommend replay media catcher, it should capture Netflix streaming, it’s supposed to capture everything on your pc. I don’t vote it the best Netflix Video Stream recorder, but I guess it’s a start. If you don’t like it or if it doesn’t record movies from Netflix, search another Netflix Video Downloader, but not all of them do what they are supposed to do.

Answer #3

You definitely cannot record Netflix movies with Mozilla add-on download helper. This one indeed saves any video from many websites, but it only records flash videos and Netflix has not flash videos, its videos are protected in a way, so this means that you cannot download Netflix videos with any tool for video downloading. Netflix is a streaming online movies website which gives you the possibility just to watch movies online or to rent them and not to record Netflix movies. Maybe if you find a special Netflix video download, as you said, not to download videos, but to capture Netflix live video streaming. But I don’t have a Netflix video stream recorder right now in my mind, you should use, I’m sure there could be many software which can capture streaming Netflix.

Answer #4

so you want to download the films your hiring and watching online with their video player?

it is possible to capture the stream with software.. I use wmrecorder but I couldnt tell you 100% if this software will capture it for you..

Answer #5

Record Netflix live video streams? Interesting question, it would be good to find out what app you could use to record Netflix movies. I don’t think you necessarily need a special Netflix Video Downloader just to capture Netflix video streaming, an ordinary app should be able to record Netflix movies. Have you taken a look at the download helper for mozilla? Maybe that one can also record Netflix movies, sinceit can save videos from a lot of other video websites. It might just act as a Netflix Video Downloader.

Answer #6

I’d recommend another screen recorder, check it here: Maybe it will record Netflix live video streaming too, because it usually records everything what you’re doing on your desktop and it might be used as Netflix Video Stream Recorder too. This one isn’t a special Netflix Video Downloader, but maybe it’ll work to record Netflix movies. I will try myself to capture Netflix live video streams too, if that will give me free movies.

Answer #7

I for one cannot exactly recommend you some specific Netflix Video Stream Recorder that can help you capture Netflix live video streams. I googled a bit on how to record Netflix movies but I didn’t find any reliable Netflix Video Downloader. I did find though on some forum some discussion on how to record Netflix movies. There was a solution there for how to record Netflix video streaming so here’s the link to that forum: I am not sure if you can use their solution to record Netflix movies because I have not tried it yet, seemed kinda complicated at first glance. You can try it yourself though and see if it is still possible to record Netflix movies with their method.

Answer #8

Not such a big fan of Netflix live video streams,I didn’t even think anyone would want to capture Netflix video streaming. But if you just need a screen recorder app, you could also take a look at some app called PCHand Screen Capture. It’s not exactly a Netflix Video Stream Recorder but you could look at it and see if it doesn’t by any chance work to also record Netflix movies. I used it some time ago to capture the screen of my pc to make a video demonstration on something for some of my friends. I am not sure if indeed you could use it to actually capture Netflix live video streams but who knows.

Answer #9

You could try Tunebite Netflix Video Stream Recorder, it will capture Netflix live video streaming for you and not only Netflix, but also hulu, msn and other streaming online movies websites. It can also download youtube videos and save them to your pc in every formats you want, because it can convert flv to mp3, mp4, 3gp and other formats. Anyway, Tunebite Netflix Video Downloader is very easy to use and helpful, since it gives me tons of music and movies for free. Take a look at this link to see how to capture streaming Netflix with Tunebite: Hope this helps you

Answer #10

Hi, thank you a lot. From all of the Netflix Video Stream Recorders I’ve ever tried, Tunebite seems to capture Netflix live video streaming. Too bad that its free version has limitation, but at least I know that it can capture streaming Netflix and not like the other apps I’ve tried which didn’t capture anything. I also saw that it is not only a Netflix Video Downloader, but an YouTube Downloader, Hulu Downloader and many other streaming online music and movies websites. Also the conversion feature is very important, because I saw that it can convert audio and video formats, even it can convert flv to mp4, 3gp or mp3. Cool, thanks

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