How to book the Jonas Brothers?

Does anyone know the number for the Jonas Brothers’ manager? Because I want to book them for my sweet 16, (if possible), and I need estimates & avalibility. if anyone knows ANYTHING, please message me. I DO NOT want joe, nick, or kevin’s personal numbers or emails, I just want to contact their manager. please & thank youuu :)

Answer #1

thanks you guys, the ones who actually helped, like editor :):):) and they wont be “playing at some random persons house” you think id have my sweet 16 at my HOUSE? yeah okkkay and obv if im posting it here im seriousss. and obv if im serious I have the money to do it. thanks thoughhh :D

Answer #2

The booking agent Grabow offers to act as your booking agent for them.

“Or Contact us regarding Jonas Brothers at 972-250-1162. We would act as your booking agent to have Jonas Brothers appear in Private Parties or Corporate Events. Book Jonas Brothers Today.”

They will probably want a % cut of the booking fee…

Answer #3

SRRRY..but agreed with others…your going to need a VERY HIGH price tag…and I meen 100,000$$$ at least..and no.. I dont know there manager’s contact info…but one of there managers is there dad..sooo..yea…good luck I guess…

Answer #4

^^ your insane. did you not read the question? “I DO NOT want joe, nick, or kevin’s personal numbers or emails, I just want to contact their manager. “

Answer #5

it could happen… a girl recently just got them at a private party adn Nick played his new song and stuff.. the video is on youtube but im sure it costs a lot of money.. your going to have to have some MAJOR connections!! but dont give up…

Answer #6

I am not laughing at you. I am sayin it is a very hard task. and you might need a pro party planner then they might have an idea!

Good Luck and Happy Birthday

Answer #7

Don’t let anyone put you down on your dream, like I said if your really serious about this then you can find a way to make it happen.

Answer #8

And you would know that captainassassin?

@ javlovestoskate - That’s totally not true. Anything and everything is possible. Look at this world around you, we create and bring into existence what we have within our dreams.

If your going to listen to people who put you down then your dreams, ideas and goals will never become reality.

The reason we have people in space, computers, cell phones, cars, airplanes and all sorts of things is because people believed they could accomplish their desires. No matter what other people thought or said.

Answer #9

Ahahahahahahahaha! No offense, but you’re not going to get that easily. I don’t like the Jonas brothers at all, but let me tell you, booking teenie-bopper bands isn’t going to be easy and it’s VERY VERY unlikely unless you have major connections in Hollywood, which no one on this site will. Believe me. If you want to book a star, book someone D-List, or higher a professional party planner for your Sweet 16. That would be your best bet.

Answer #10

look, no one here knows there personal details or there managers details they keep that stuff private for a reason and I doubt they or any other bands do bookings just because someone has the money doesnt mean they want to show up at everyones house …as I said, I doubt they do bookings but an estimate value would be over $10,000 bands arnt cheap thats for sure

Answer #11

look their are like the hottest teen band right now and they are super busy so jut leave them the hell alone I hate when every one keeps asking for their numbers and adresses yall know you aren’t going to get the answer to the stupid questions so just forget about it damn it im srry im being mean but they might feel the same sometimes.

Answer #12

look, im not saying its inpossible but it is very unlikely to happen bands dont really want to be playing at random peoples house no matter how big a fan they claim to be can you imagine how many people would have them over if they did that for everyone? the truth might hurt but honestly…I dont thinbk theres much of a chance …she can try all she wants but seriously…out of the billion sof people who want to meet them, and all the questions we get of people wanting them to play for them there isnt a evry good chance …no one knows there personal details but them and if someone goes out of there way to track down a celebrity that would be considered as stalking.. HONESTLY there isnt much of a chance of having them playing for you or finding out there real personal details and the things about space and technology has nothing to do with what were talking about

Answer #13

When I read this I kind of laughed at it for a second. I’m not making fun of you or the Jonas Brothers. I actually have like an unhealthy obsession for them. BUT, anyways. I can almost 100% garuntee you that what you’re asking would NEVER happen, not only would you never get their managers number, they wouldn’t just perform at a birthday party. unless you’re close friends with them or someone in their band.

And if it was AT ALL possible it would be an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money

Hate to break it to ya But, I think you’d have better luck booking a DJ with some jonas brothers CD

HAH have fun

Answer #14

And you would know that captainassassin?

In this case… yes.

Answer #15

dont get your hopes up too high either some things cant be done

Answer #16

Yeah… pretty sure they don’t do birthdays… -__-

Answer #17

Jonas brothers suck. they think they are a good band but they arent, They are all gay

Answer #18

You’ll need connections and MONEY =) To pull that off.

However, if you really really want to do this then you can find a way.

Answer #19

If you had the kind of money needed for that, your people (yes, you would have ‘people’) would already know how to do it.

Answer #20


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