How to block websites

How do you block website’s because I really want to block some website’s on my computer.

Answer #1

If you are using Windows..

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools - Internet options
  3. Go to security.
  4. Click on Restricted Sites.
  5. Click on Sites.
  6. Enter the website one by one
  7. Click Add Now The Added sites will not open in your Computer.

TRY IT…Best of luck

Answer #2

This one is good answer… hope so! I am using the Vista Ultimate by and I really like this operating system because it’s automatically block all advertising website, script, etc.. anything else.. now when I’m surfing the net, all pop window does not appear because it has a features,they called as “adblock”.. OR MAYBE BECAUSE I AM USING MOZILLA FIREFOX latest edition.. maybe it comes from this browser the adblock features.. tnx..

Answer #3

Blocking ad servers and malicious websites is a tough task these days. There are so many tools out there to keep ads blocked, remove spyware, and scan for viruses. Most of this unwanted content comes from known ad servers and known malicious websites. You can harness the power of the Windows’ HOSTS file to actually block some of this stuff. I’ve been doing this for years, and I’m still surprised how well it works.

How to find HOSTS

For your version of Windows, the HOSTS file is located in

Windows Vista:(Administrative privileges) C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

Windows XP: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\

Windows 2000: C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\

Windows 98/ME: C:\WINDOWS\

It does not have an extension — it is just called hosts. The purpose of the HOSTS file is to allow you to manually enter IP addresses associated with websites, so the DNS server can quickly resolve an address. Say you know that is the IP address — you could enter that into the HOSTS file so when your machine requests, it will immediatly know to go to Instead, we can take known ad servers, and tell them their IP addresses are For those of you that don’t know, is your local machine, if you were running a server on it. So say, some ad server hosts a banner ad at If you redirect this server to your lcoal machine in the HOSTS file, when a website calls that hosted image from the ad server, it will try to load Since that folder and that image don’t exist on your computer, the image won’t show, and you’ve blocked the ad from showing on that website.

Putting it together

This first line of the HOSTS file should list the local IP address:       localhost

That tells the rest of the file, is your local machine, like I explained above. You could also use instead of — either will work, but whatever you use for localhost, use below. After that, enter known ad servers and use your local IP (whichever you chose at the top). You can find maintained HOSTS files online or start to build your own. Here’s a little snippit of what my HOSTS file looks like:       localhost

To allow blocking website (i.e google adsense, Open your HOST using notepad,textpad etc use find or search tool, type and find. Delete those entire row.

sample: <<–delete this entire row

To get a HOSTS file already full of servers, you may go to

Note: This method very efficient to block unwanted ads(or any websites) and easy to do.

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