How to become an advisor on here?

How can I become an advisor on here? I think it would be so much fun! Do you get paid?

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…too late…

Answer #2

Answer lots of questions, giving good advice with good grammar and spelling. Be helpful.

Check out the links in the top left-hand box at the following link:

Welcome to Fun Advice!

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Yeah, unlike everyone else, I get paid :D but that’s only because I am the most important person here. I am afraid I am the hottest one, too! :P lolzZ

Here is what you have to do inorder to become a good advisor here:

  1. Do not tell lies :D I mean they do not pay anyone here :D not even me :D lolz But everyone secretly wishes! :P
  2. Do not try to let other people know you are smarter than them. It makes them ignore your advice even if it’s good. Just ‘cause you advice someone does not mean they are inferior. This is not a place to give orders.
  3. Be subjective. Do not answer only cool people’s questions. After all, I haven’t asked a single question yet :P lolz
  4. Take things seriously, but not too seriously. Don’t type too many LOL’s :D
  5. You will meet many questions on things like pregnant 12-yr-olds, video games, changing hair colour, lyrics which could be googled in 7 seconds and breast/penis size. LIVE WITH THEM if you want to survive here.
  6. Dammit, be yourself!
  7. Always remember you are here to have fun but so are other people.
  8. Make sure you learn something. FA is not a waste of time.
  9. Be creative. Do not just copy my answers :P
  10. Mean is the last thing we want you to be here.. especially to me :D
  11. Keep your sense of humor alive. If you haven’t got one, get out of here :P
  12. FA is great, but it’s not life. If you find that spend more than 22 hours here daily, then you need to logg off and get a life!

Keep your head high up Greetings from Egypt! Noblez Chavazelle

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Answer #5

Tips: -Be friendly with the users -Give straight and clear answers -Have good punctuation and grammar (I was told and read) -Answer the the actual question -Be as helpful as you can be,but don’t try to hard -Be mature and not that immature (I was told and also read) -Be yourself mainly


Answer #6

No, you don’t get paid - it’s voluntary.

Since you need to know everything about the site before becoming an advisor, it’s recommended you find out that information on your own - it’s listed here on the site somewhere…

Happy searching :)

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