How to become a singer?

I sing terribly, but I’ve been watching american idol (who hasn’t been?). Anyway, can you tell me how to become a singer? Even if I’m bad at singing (which I am, partially tone deaf) I might end up like Willian Hung & get a CD deal because I’m terrible. Thanks for any tips…singing in the shower can make me a good singer, right? Just thought I’d make sure.

Answer #1

Let me tell you how to become a singer.All you have to do is go to American idol and do your best!!! I’f Simon say you sing bad, then so what.At least you tried your best and did it with confindent.Just sing everyday and practice and you will be singing better then Ciara.You will be knocking her trough the wall.LOVE,MONICA2

Answer #2

First, get a vocal coach. The will help you with singing, being able to read music, all that stuff. Then, go to a recording studio, cut a demo and send it to managers and producers.

Answer #3

I love to sing so I know what you are talking about, but people say that im alot better than most people, i hope to become a back-up singer someday, but my advice is get vocal lessons because being tone deaf you can actually get past, (my best freind is tone deaf and she is wonderful at singing! so there is hope!!!) but another thing is dont ever give up becuase it can happen if you want it too.

IF you find someone who needs a back up singer please throw them my waY!!!!!!

Answer #4

I think that you should follow your dream and go out for some auditions and give all you have got

Answer #5

get some lissens thenpractice write some some sing them and get you an agent thatdont cheat you out your money

Answer #6

Take Lessons. I did and im amazing lol.

Answer #7

try getting voice lessons or something like that…I don’t know…good luck

Answer #8

I think it would be best if you go to California and try out for a singing job or maybe even start a band and you could be the singer you can’t be that bad

Answer #9

Hate to get personal brighteyez but your advice here is some of the worst I ever heard. How do you know Steve’s passion isn’t singing? It’s like your advice is, “if at first you don’t succeed give up.”

Steve learning to sing isn’t going to rob anyone else of an opportunity. Voice teachers have to spend a lot of time building a studio. If anything another paying student is supporting the local music community.

I started out as a music major in college and even though that wasn’t what I ultimately choose for a career I wouldn’t have traded those years for the world. When I taught trombone I knew most of my students has no ambition to be a professional trombone player; some of them would never even be that good but you know what? every one of them could imporve and every one could enjoy playing.

I’ve seen some people who seemed hopeless learn to sing on pitch. Even though I was a musician I was pretty hopeless as a singer. After 2 years of music theory I could do pretty good sight singing and even though my voice didn’t sound that great I could sing on pitch.

Answer #10

This isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but if you can’t sing, don’t become a singer, it’s common sense. If you, someone who is “ partially tone deaf” were to become a singer, you’d be robbing someone else of the opportunity they so richly deserved. I can’t sing either, I really wish I could, but like you, I’m just going to have to get past it. Besides, I’m an excellent writer and that’s what I want to do with my life. You need to find a passion, something that you really rock and pursue that. Doesn’t even make sense to try and get famous off something that you suck at.

Answer #11

Kepp on believing in yourself. First what you have to do(I know what im talking about I’ve been singing since I was three) is sing all the time!! In the shower around the house, in karaoke, in front of your parents. The experience will help you and soon you’ll realize that your voice is getting stronger and better. Then sing in your shurch choir. TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SING, start in your church shoir. Then get a voice coach. And from there on let your talent take you to great places :)

Answer #12

Practice every spare minute of your life get a vocal coach join a choir or two preform solos try out for literary soloist if you dont make it quit singing you probably have no hopw thoug

Answer #13

practice with the music first then when you think you can sing the song without the music try it this will help to record your voice to see what you sound like to let you know if your voice is flat or if you are off key keep practicing don’t give up be confident put your mind into it even feelings into it good luck

Answer #14

I want to sing but nobody knows about my talent I kind of want to live the life miley did in her show I dont want people liking me just because im a celebrity I really want to sing we are having a talent show at school and im planning on singing there

can somebody help me

Answer #15

Heyy, Miles Here! Being a great singer means following your dreams, and never giving up. You also need a great teacher and influence, like my daddy is mine. Most people say you need beauty to sing, that’s totally not true! If you have the hope and the belief of becoming a singer. Miles [:

Answer #16

first of all all you got to do is practice 24 7 I know how you feel I use to stink and everyone was saying I cant sing but you know what I have never gave up and know my voice has been great so you should never lose hope cause good things happens to everyone believe it or not your voice is great all you got to do is find it it is waiting to bloom

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Answer #18

To be honest, you’ve got it or you haven’t…you can’t just become a singer if you can’t sing.

Answer #19

Well I can actually sing so all I would need is a singing coach to get better cause I’m all most there so I no that I’m very confident and very talented

Answer #20

Being tone deaf is actually not a “condition”. It is something you CAN get past. It is just that you haven’t made the connection between what you hear and what sound or tone you produce. The only way to fix this is LOTS and LOTS of practice. The best way is simply plunking notes on the piano and trying to match them. A vocal coach or teacher can help you do this correctly.

Being on pitch and having the correct tone is only one small aspect of singing. There is diction, emotion, performance(in front of an audience, technical usage such as mics), timbre, vibrato, breath support and rhythm. Plus more.

If you’re very serious about singing then go ahead get a vocal coach or teacher. But if it’s something you can’t commit to (it’s VERY competitive) then you shouldn’t do it.

Watching American Idol is VERY unrealistic.

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