How to become a famous teen singer?

Im 14 and I have a passion for singing and I was wondering if it was too late for me to become a famous teen singer? If not ow would I do it? I

Answer #1

I love to sing, but I think that I sound wierd on a mic or in a recording what do I do? And my parents wont let me have a youtube so I dont know what else to do. and I sing with this guy in my theatre class. and we sound so amazing together! but how will we do it? HELP please!!!

Answer #2

hey karl here if you have a camcorder and a mic on your computer then just film urself and out it on youtube and put loads of tags on it or you can do what me and my friends did for my music gcse and media gsce I wrote a song and came up with all the music for different instruments (I used the drums,bass guitar, electric guitar, and keyboard) and then recorded the song for my music peice then made a video of it with the help of my friends and put the two together it worded a charm and I got straight a’s in both subjects from it. hope this helped u. karl x

Answer #3

just get a video camera and record your self and put it on youtube or send it to a recording studio

Answer #4

Well get tickets to someone you really admire that have an amazing voise, get backstage passes and talk to them ask them things ask if you can get a deal with them if they could get you an agent. Its never to late :))

Answer #5

omg go to this website and you will find audtions you can go to and try out for, just type in your state trust me it’s awesome!! Except my parents said I couldn’t try out for a commerical..but maybe you can!!

Answer #6

practice singing and auditon for local musicals at your community theatre and just follow your dreams :) hope to c you in conncert soon, lol :)

Answer #7

Join Disney xD but beware, you might have a lot of people hate you

Answer #8

its never to late to accoplish a dream but first try and make your own material(your own songs)these are some tips and if you cant make a song then sing songs that are made by other song writers oh and also take more voice lessons so that your vocals get stronger and you will produce such a melody. never give up on your dreams belive in them.

Answer #9

Well…It’s going to be a struggle to become famous, but I’m sure you could do it! You need to get as much exposure as possible. Uploading videos with you singing would be a great start. If people like your singing they will subscribe, and possibly an agent could sign you up for a record deal. There have been a few people that were discovered on youtube like Mia Rose and Esmee Denters…If you have true talent and you are fearless you can do it too! You could also sing in public places. A lot of popular actors/actresses and singers were discovered in public by agents. A good example would be the Jonas Brothers…but I have read about several other stars as well. Good luck!

Answer #10

is really works even in philippines?

Answer #11

just try your best in life im sure you are capable of doing enything just follow your dreams but just dont be a dreamer be a doore and dont be a follower be a leader you can show people what you got and what your all about im preety shure there will be haterz all the time thats something very normall there will be precior but just dont let it get to u “GOOD LUCK” HOPEFULLY you MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF your LIFE

Answer #12

im 13 and I also have a passion for singing. But all I can hope for is auditions.unless you want to take a video of yourself and send it to disney channel

Answer #13

I am only thirteen.. I am also a struggling singer..I am trying to get heard everywhere. I sing around everyone and everywhere I go. I do a lot of kareoke and public singing. you should do the same I am going to go to the website that they left in the some of the answers before

Answer #14

thanks alot.

Answer #15

thanks so much haha

Answer #16

thanks so much you gies !!

Answer #17

why so lol

Answer #18

thanks :)

Answer #19

take miley cyrus as an example. :)

Answer #20

You could try this site:

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