How to be fat in a skinny world?

So im a big girl, in a little world. Yes its my fault, no im not blaming it on anyone else. As a teenager, still in school, I have decided not to be in a clique. Mostly because I knew I wouldnt fit into one. Why? Its not my personality, I have a diverse selection of friends, im sweet and yet hold my disposition. Its because im overweight. I dont like walking into a room of people I dont know, because I feel like they are judging me. Now from the time I was about 9 or 10 I have had people calling me fat. People im closest to even, like my grandfather, who was my father-figure. People I dont know, picking at me, people I do know, laughing at me. And I knew it would eventually end, but I didnt know when. So as I eased into middle and high school, I sorta let it quit bothering me as much. But now, im a senior, and people are starting up again. Its like they feed offa my pain. I am really having a hard time right now and I dont want to put up with that crap. I just want to feel beautiful in my own skin. My wonderful boyfriend tells me im beautiful all the time, but now it seems like a reflex from him. I just want someone I know like a friend or anyone for that matter to come up to me and say, hey, you look really pretty today. I just dont even feel like I exist sometimes.

This month has been one of the hardest in my life, and I havent even really started “life” yet.

Please someone give me some advice. And not the same old, you just cant let them get to you. Im dying here.

Answer #1

you have to realize that you are who you are and you shouldn’t care what other people think because everyone has their flaws. if it’s that much of a problem for you, I would do something about it; like start working out and excercising because then you’ll lose weight AND you’ll feel a lot better about yourself

Answer #2

Nah, don’t lower yourself to their level. Let it go, there are far more important things for you to worry about. Like, where that Grad. party is going to be. Aha. Take care.

Answer #3

I’ve been thin all my life but since becoming a teenager I got increasingly worried about staying that way, I don’t starve myself or anything I just get paranoid when I know im eating a little too much which is mainly thanks to my dad because he says that if I keep eating im going to get fat. There is nothing wrong with being a different shape from other people. If you feel happy to eat anything you want and enjoy food then dont be ashamed of it and let people know that! Let them carry on feeling insecure because they’re too skinny they aren’t and want to be. People only tease others because they have something that they feel insecure about so to avoid being teased they tease other first.

Answer #4

you need to understand that the shallow people who call you fat are doing it because there insecure people like that judge other people and put them down because it makes them feel better about themselves and there weight almost everyone has problems with there body and things theyd like to change but the real b*tches will put people down to make themselves feel better if you dont want to change your weight then you really only have two options ignore them and dont let there insaults get to you or insault them back

Answer #5

ok im not gonna say don’t let em get to you but that would be the best thing to do. wht I will say is next time they start just say something like “id rather be chubby and happy with my life instead of anorexic and obsessed with my weight.” or say something really smart that makes them confused and gets them to shut up. another thing you could do is work out your BMI and then if your not overweight, then tell them that your a perfectly normal, healthy weight, unlike them. anything like that really

Answer #6

First take a breath!

Im also on the plus side a bit and im older, this may sound a bit repetitive but “LOVE YOURSELF”! understand that people will attract to your personality and remeber it will always be a bit harder when you feel you are a bit different (I.e weight, fashion, natural beauty). Make the best of what who you are.

I lost a lot weight and now im at a comfortable size and people can still judge me but I can find the same to do to them but I dont because we are all different.

Hope I Helped! :) If you need me Im here

Answer #7

Do you live in America? You must not, because all of American is on the larger side.

Anyways, there is really nothing you can do about people making fun of you. You’re a senior, soon you’ll graduate and really begin life. You’ll be out in the real world where people don’t break you down over silly things. People will start coming into their maturity and unfortunatly their own problems, and will not have time to worry about yours.

Answer #8

I too am big, and find it extremely difficult, especially since I just moved to a new town. People will always judge you. It’s a given. Just embrace the things you like about yourself. On the plus side, big girls got more boobs and butt than skinny girls normally. Guys like that shit. If you have a small waist, you can pull off the hourglass thing. If you don’t have a small waist, fake it! I am thick and got made fun of all the time. Just know that they’re wrong. And let’s face it, you are who you are. Don’t let other people’s shit take you down. Acceptance from others is acheived only after you gain acceptance from yourself. I figured that out and am much happier with myself now. Good luck, and love yourself. You are you no matter what, so live it up girly! :)

Answer #9

I think you need self confidence. I always believed that I was fat and big (I was slightly heavier than the anorexic things walking around at my school). And then I gained some self confidence and now I don’t even look fat to myself anymore.

This might sound harsh, but people pick on people that seem weaker, with lower self-confidence and I am going to bet that that is your problem. I used to be called fat by my parents (even though I am not anywhere near fat) and teased by my school mates, but it was because I never stood up for myself.

So here is my advice. -Every day write down one good thing about yourself, doesn’t matter what it is, and focus on that for the day. -Start believing your boyfriend, he wouldn’t be going out with you if he didn’t find you beautiful -Get out of your comfort zone, do something you’ve been scared of to build your self confidence.

And then start being more positive about everything around you, it’s going to take some effort, but in the end you’ll be happier with yourself, and that is all that matters.

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