how to act emo

I mena me I wish I could call myself emo but I dont really know if I am I dress all black and chains and act depressed and listen to the hardcore indi rock music and all tthat I use to cut an I dotn have the hair becouse my mom wont let me but how do I really act emo? and am I? im so confused I need help!!!

Answer #1

yeah I know now that it was stupid to ever act that way now just dress in black and purple my favorite colors and act my self have fun injoy life adn dress how I what adn I am in individul and I know that

Answer #2

hun emo isnt about chains and dressing dark its what you are inside dont be sombody your not and chains and dark stuff and hardcore music is gothic sweetie add me ill talk to you about this stuff

Answer #3

thanks I really am starting to get wht you guys are telling me well the ones who arent calling me a posser and thnks it means a lot to me

Answer #4……u.don’…

Answer #5

xxx Urm sweety, not trying to be like harsh or anything, but you are acting sort of poseur-ish, it’s what you want to be, and not what other people want you to be. Even if you don’t think you are a poseur, other people may think this from how you are acting. No-one is the same, ‘Emo’ does not mean that everybody has to fall EXACTLY into the stereotypical category. You may feel upset and emotional at times, but do you really want to cut yourself so others label you? And if you’re aren’t really depressed, why act it? Be original and try to stand out as an individual and this will help you acheive the look you want to have. ‘Emos’ are just people who are conveying their emotions through what they listen to, their creativity, what they wear, etcetera. So do that, and you can acheive the style of life you want to live. I have been named an emo before, but I do not believe in using stereotypes as everyone is different, and if we were all clones who looked, sounded, and acted all the same then what would the world be? So this was a longwinded answer, but hope it helps! xxx

Answer #6

Emo is so 2006.

Answer #7

Thanx and I’m not the same person who wrote that a year ago I’ve changed I know now that I was foliah I still dress in dark clothes in all but I don’t try to act depressed or be called emo you arnt a name or a Lable your your actions and what you make with your life and I know that now. I still cut but trying to stop I can’t figure out why I do It every time I do it I regrets it more than anything!!! I go to a conslor for help but it’s not helping I just don’t know what to do any advice??

Answer #8

dress how you want! does it honestly matter? if you like it then it shouldnt! you do not want to be depressed and dont label urself just act how you want to act because ts who you are not who your pretending to be x

Answer #9

ok don’t act depressed and the other thing is ok I am an emo in trening my friends turned me emo I was a metal fan

Answer #10

ALright look… for get for a moment bout what people are sayin! ok and listen to me I am not emo or gothic or scene or what evr BUt I do dress up scene and emo. that doesnt mean am emo if you like looking like that fine good for you because thats what you lk and me to. dont label urself because that comvcecunzes are people callin you poser like the people on top of me. ok just b urself you dont have to be depressed or listen to hard core music to say your emo. emo people are emotional people. am an emotional person but am not emo I just dress like it I lable myself as a person and you shuld too! hope that helps!


Answer #11

Why in the hell would you WANT to act like that?

Get happy, start loving life, or take some depression pills if you think that this is suitible behavior you’re trying to ACHIEVE.

You’re just acting like a poser, don’t label yourself, everyone hates stereotypes.

Just be yourself, I know that sounds corny, but SERIOUSLY, come on. PLUS, emo is dead, it’s gone, the trend has passed, it’s not in it’s prime anymore, it’s just kinda blah now.

Answer #12

Your not emo - your a poser. There’s more to emo as a style than wearing black/clothes with chains and listening to certain kinds of music. As far as the depression goes, being emo has nothing to do with that. Depression is a serious medical condition and has nothing to do with ANY stereotype. Same goes for cutting/self harming - it has nothing to do with stereotypes. They’re serious problems that need taken care of ASAP. Having certain hair cuts won’t make you emo either. Hair has nothing to do with stereotypes. Stop posing and acting like something your not. Be YOURSELF and don’t worry about what others will think of you. If they can’t accept you as your true self, they’re not worth your time.

Answer #13

No emolovr101, you dress how you want to dress because that’s what you like. That doesn’t make you anything and don’t worry about what people say at that point. Do what makes YOU happy. If you like it, then you are not posing. Labeling yourself is what will make you considered to be a poser. If that’s what people want to call you, fine. If they don’t want to call you that, that’s fine as well. Caring about what everybody thinks is what is going to make you unhappy and a poser.

Also, you already seem like one from your online name. I’m not trying to be rude, but that sounds like you’re trying to be something you’re not as well. Just do what makes YOU happy. Not a label.

Answer #14

Well what you ARE called is a poser,which nobody not even me likes,you can’t call yourself emo,you LIVE it,calling yourself emo is basically labeling which NOBODY likes,you just live it. You can’t just be normal one day and be emo the next,doesn’t work that way.

I can’t tell you how to do it,you should know how to,just don’t call yourself emo because all your doing is being fake and a poser which won’t get you anywhere.

Answer #15

Everyone follows a trend at one time or another. Everyone gets clothing ideas from somewhere most times by seeing other people. So I guess everyone is a “poser” at some time or another. Just be happy with who you are. And like what you like. Label yourself or don’t. The only person who matters is yourself.

Answer #16

and you see the reson I what to be emo is becouse I love the way they dress an look and I know if I just dress that way then I will be a poser and I dont what to be! that is why I need to know what to do to be emo I am not trying to be a poser and if that is what I am then I am ahamed with my self! I hate possers!

Answer #17

Dont label your self

Or I’ll have to call Campbells and complain… jk

You dont want to act depressed

it hurts really!

Answer #18

your a poser, you dont label yourself, others label you, by labeling yourself youre just telling other people youre a poser

Answer #19

I was told emo people like purple, black, and green. goth is when you are in all black. I’m emo, for example.

Answer #20

Why do you feel you have to act depressed? If you really knew what depression was like, you wouldn’t want to act that way at all.

Why do you feel like you have to label yourself. Be who you are, not what you think will impress others.

Answer #21

Just live the lifestyle,you’ll slip into it.

Answer #22

well I’m not exactly emo.

Answer #23

You are NOT emo. You are a poser.

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