How to turn emo?

Okay I really want to turn emo but I really dont know how I cut my self a lot…because it relieves all my pain..but here is point I dont know how to dress and I have no clue how to cut my hair emo..and I really need help asap!

Answer #1

There are better ways to deal with troubles than cutting — healthier, long-lasting ways that don’t leave a person with emotional and physical scars. The first step is to get help with the troubles that led to the cutting in the first place. Here are some ideas for doing that:

Tell someone. People who have stopped cutting often say the first step is the hardest — admitting to or talking about cutting. But they also say that after they open up about it, they often feel a great sense of relief.

Choose someone you trust to talk to at first (a parent, school counselor, teacher, coach, doctor, or nurse). If it’s too difficult to bring up the topic in person, write a note.

Identify the trouble that’s triggering the cutting. Cutting is a way of reacting to emotional tension or pain. Try to figure out what feelings or situations are causing you to cut.

Is it anger? Pressure to be perfect? Relationship trouble? A painful loss or trauma? Mean criticism or mistreatment? Identify the trouble you’re having, then tell someone about it. Many people have trouble figuring this part out on their own. This is where a mental health professional can be helpful.

Ask for help. Tell someone that you want help dealing with your troubles and the cutting. If the person you ask doesn’t help you get the assistance you need, ask someone else. Sometimes adults try to downplay the problems teens have or think they’re just a phase. If you get the feeling this is happening to you, find another adult (such as a school counselor or nurse) who can make your case for you.

Work on it. Most people with deep emotional pain or distress need to work with a counselor or mental health professional to sort through strong feelings, heal past hurts, and to learn better ways to cope with life’s stresses. One way to find a therapist or counselor is to ask at your doctor’s office, at school, or at a mental health clinic in your community.

Although cutting can be a difficult pattern to break, it is possible. Getting professional help to overcome the problem doesn’t mean that a person is weak or crazy.

Therapists and counselors are trained to help people discover inner strengths that help them heal. These inner strengths can then be used to cope with life’s other problems in a healthy way.

See this teen link on cutting, why people cut, the dangers and how to get support:

Answer #2

cutting is NOT emo. Cutting is a suicidal sign AND a deppestion sign.. get help.

WHAT is emo? Emo is a lot of things. There is no true definition of emo, and emo can mean a lot of things to a lot of differn’t people. To us, Emo is not a late 80’s genre of music that is coming back. Today’s “emo” is not what it was yesterday. The term may have been stolen from the 80’s, but the term was the only thing that was stolen. Today emo is definitely an awesome genre of music, but it is much more than just a sub-genre of punk or indie music. It’s a culture. It’s a fashion statement. It’s a way of life.

People often use the term to describe anyone who looks sad or depressed or has an emotional personality. You can’t label someone just because of the way they look, and just because someone may fit the label, it’s doesn’t mean they should be labeled. It’s okay to label yourself though. The emo bucket was built for people to share pictures, meet other scene kids, and to be the best community to discuss things like the true meaning of the term :-)

Answer #3

one thing.

You’re not EMO, You’re a cutter.

Being EMO is totally different than being depressed all the time. And you can’t “Turn” emo… it’s sorta a thing people are born with…

Emo style is wearing black tight jeans, a band t shirt, the hair would be a different story… long fringes dyed black with possibly some blond highlights in them or red.

Answer #4

I don’t get why everyone keeps trying to get people to stop cutting because sometimes you just need to feel pain and hurt!!!

Answer #5

Cutting is not a suicidal sign… people cut in order to survive, to cope (which most people would agree is not exactly the aim of suicidal people) and most cutters are probably depressed, but I dont think the APA has quite confirmed that…

Answer #6

I didn’t mean to say that self harm is stupid, I used to.

I meant

shouldn’t you try and get help instead of trying to ‘fit in’ ?

Answer #7

Hmm…wow. Why do you want to turn EMO? Why not just be yourself? Why cut yourself? It does not solve anything.

Get help.

Answer #8

Why the fvck would you want to be emo? You’re a whacko. And stop cutting yourself, no one feels sorry for you.

Answer #9

If you’re cutting yourself, you really do need to get help. Try to talk to a school counselor, a teacher, a friend or a relative, and look at possitive steps you can take to help get over your self mutilation.

Answer #10

emos suck balls quit trying to be like 90% of the world & then complain im an individual when in reality your just another copy of everyone else.

Plus who cares if you cut If you cut no sympathy here then you can go die in a hole.. because cutting is stupid & so is your emo want to be trend.

What are you going to do when emo fades.. Go along with another trend

Answer #11

What ?

are you trying to fit in ?

‘Emo’ isn’t a style, it’s the way you are.

Just because you self harm, you shouldn’t ask for tips how to dress.

That’s really pathetic and sad.

You need to talk to someone.

It sounds like you’re cutting yourself for attention.

Answer #12

my friend says his emo but all he does is dress like one acted emotional

Answer #13

Just because you cut yourself that does not make you emo. And you cant just ‘turn’ emo..people would call you a poser.

Answer #14

stop being an emo want to be lol not cool

Answer #15

dont turn emo, turn Juggalo, if you dont know what that is, look up and download IC, TWIZTID, BOONDOX, ANYBODY KILLA, AND BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE

Answer #16

I am a cutter too. I was raped by a neighbor and molested a relative and his friends for a year when I was 9. Dealing with it sometimes was just too much. I am in therapy and no longer cut, although I still have a lot of days I want to. Please, please, find someone to talk to, or talk to me. You cut because you are hurt. I do understand. But you are the only one of you that God created, which makes you precious and priceless, so you deserve to not hurt anymore. I hope this helps about the cutting. Grace

Answer #17

Fires a few rounds of Pink Fluffy Bunnies

To those of you who having nothing nice or supportive to say, don’t say anything at all. Remember to be tolerant of others please.

Cutting is a serious issue- it’s not a matter of ‘just getting over it’, it’s not ‘pathetic and sad’, and it’s not done just so people will ‘feel sorry for you’. It’s an indicator of a psychological problem, one that needs help. It does NOT need persecution from people who choose to judge first rather than try to understand.

Did it ever occur that maybe you could try helping someone who is asking for help? Rather than slinging around insults and nasty comments?

Answer #18

This is not something to lash out on her about.

If you are cutting yourself, you need to stop, it is only a temporary relaese for your pain. The only way to stop the pain is to feel it and find out why it is there. Go to someone you trust, and ask for help. turning Emo will not solve anything. It will not make you fit in if you feel akward.

I wish you the best and please keep us updated!

Answer #19

I got the “what is emo” from a site im on… so you know.

Answer #20

emos suck balls

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