How should I do up my bedroom ?

Ok well at the moment my bedroom is painted pink .. I love the colour pink but its sooo childish looking .. I’ve got like everything in it pink aswell !! its driving me mad !!! My dad has finaly agreed to let me decorate it so I want something totally different… I dont want it pink AT ALL but I still want it kinda girly and fitting my personality which is really bubbly …

Any Ideas ?? Xo

Answer #1

Try a colour like maybe yellow, turquoise, or bright green. You can still add some girly stuff, even pink stuff, like pillows, a rug, or your bedspread. I think maybe two walls of multi-coloured stripes could be a bit overwhelming, maybe try one? Then get multi-coloured pillows and posters and stuff? You seem like a very bubbly person, I hope your room turns out that way! Good luck! :)

Answer #2

try a yellow. one time I was painting my cousins room (girl’s) and we picked out a yellow, which turned out to be not the right shade after a few brush strokes. but then I took it and painted my room that shade because I really liked it, it was a darker than average yellow (think like stucco or adobe) and it turns out that it went very well with black iron furnishings. so I then bought the typical black metal fouton and lamp, along with some shelves painted black and the room really fell into place!

Answer #3

orrr I just thought, you should try sponge painting

Answer #4

well im redoing my room now, im having turqouse and brown its wall paper so its a turqouse back ground with brown flowers with some dark brown wooden floor, you should try it it looks so grown up and nice, xx

Answer #5

Thanks :) I was actually thinking about doing it yellow I was gonna do 2 walls yellow and the other 2 with multi-coloured striped wallpaper but im not so sure if it would look good ?? …


Answer #6

yellow blue purple green orange

Answer #7

repaint it a hot pink, and then something like lime green stripes..

Answer #8

Pshhh, (this is great) :) Paint your furniture black, put up posters/pics/etc on ur wall, add your fav color rug, cordinate your bed set! THERE. Your room is now “HAWT-MAZING”

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