How should i convince her it's good for her?

How should I get my friend to think that counseling is good for her? My friend says she's had to go to counseling before but she won't say why. She has to go again but she doesn't want to. I have to go to. She cuts herself all up her arm to where it's all scared. It has a lot of scars. I want her to think counselings good for her and stuff but she doesn't want to go but she has to. I wanted to go a little and it helps. How should I convince her it's good for you?

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In my experience, if someone doesnt want to do something, it is hard to convince them otherwise. I had mandated counseling for a year. I went and lied to the therapist for a year. Instead of trying to convince her that it is good for her, you may want to try a different approach. Ask her if she'd be willing to try something else so that she wouldnt be experiencing pain to the point where she felt the need to cut. I mean, she can try it. If it doesnt work, all she's lost is a few hours of her time. If it works, her life could be so much happier. In the big picture, it may be worth it?

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Yhe best thing to do is contact an adult but think of it

Sure she will be mad at you but the thing is that she will thankyou in the long run
Cutting is addicting and someday it can go up to her wanting her to kill herself.
Incorage her also you be the pearson she can talk to and all have her trust you and also do your part in helping.

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O my ex did that too try and tsalk to her ask what going and are you o ok try came her down

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