When did you have your first kiss?

im 15 years old and my parents say im too young to kiss. how old were you when you had your 1st kiss? also, should the age vary depending on guy or girl? my parents give my brother more freedom with girls because hes a guy…

[side note: I was 13 (8th grade) when I had my 1st kiss]

Answer #1

I was 11 whenever I had my first kiss. my mom read my diary and freaked. that was an akward moment for the two of us. even more akward? she still thinks I’m too young and I’m pretty sure she seen my boyfriend and I making out in my bedroom the other night. you’d have to see my house and the way it’s set up, but anywayyys apparently you’re not too young because you’ve already had it, right? lol, parents won’t like that answer, but it’s true. the age shouldn’t vary depending on guy or girl, because both can have sx. but I do realize that your parents, like most, probably think that it will lead to sx which could wind up making you pregnant and all that crap. so listen to them, their your parents. if you respect their wishes, they’re likely to trust you later on down the road and give you more freedoms than they usually would. if you don’t want to wait, convince them. let them know that they’ve raised a smart daughter and that you’re strong enough not to let a kiss lead into s*x. hope everything works out for ya!!

Answer #2

Ok , first kiss was 4 , in pre k . and first REAL kiss , I was 12 and he was 15 . (day before my 13th birthday ) we had been talking for a month . but not going out . And my parents were out of town , so I was staying with a friend . and we asked her parents if the guy I liked and her boyfriend could come over and watch a movie and swim .

they said yes .

we watched she is the man , and he had his arm around me the whole time , and I had my head on his chest . no kiss though .

we went swimming . and their pool light burnt out . he was holding me . and we looked over and my friend and her boyfriend were kissing . and he put his cheek against mine . and was like im cold (the water was freezing) and I was like I know , your shaking . and he laughed and kissed my forehead . and I leaned my head on his shoulder . and he lifted my chin and kissed me . it was so sweet . and then he asked me out .

August 2nd , 2007 . AWESOME day . I miss him </3

Answer #3

I kissed a this boy when I was like 3 in daycare, he said I think I love you, and then he said my mommy and daddy love eachother and they kiss eachother all the time, so lets kiss, we did and then we got in trouble at my daycare. lol.

My first REAL kiss that accually meant something was the relationship I am in right now, so when I was 14.

Answer #4

well alli caan say is ym 1st kiss was when I was in the 6th grade it was so lovely I cant even explain it>>>but honestly parents tend to give the male more freedom than normal>its just nature 15 isnt that bad of a age…known the nature your going to rebell and kiss anyway sooois there a point to advice right now???just do what your heart tells you

Answer #5

I had my first kiss in kindergarden and I dont hink your too young to gfet your first kiss and I think your parents are roblaly easier on your brother is because we all know boys are so hard headed and he probably wouldnt listen to them anyway lol!

Answer #6

Haha, well when I was playing at the park… I was 9 and he was 7. We were so small and cute, we went down the slide together (side by side) and then when we were in the middle on the way down the slide… he kissed me. then he jumped off the edge! Lol, it was so cute.

Answer #7

My first kiss was when I was 7. I accidentally fell and kissed my best friend. It was cute and very scary at the same time(All I could think was an “Uh oh” and “Oops”)… My first REAL kiss was when I was 13, with my boyfriend obviously.

Answer #8

well I kissed a girl at 6 but it was because we were best friends and we exparmented (she is my girlfriend now and she is the girl who I I’m woried about in my recint post) my first real kiss was at 12 when this girl I liked was moving to main like a good bye kiss

Answer #9

in first grade lol I chased him . . .hey it worked! later he hugged me. I haven’t had my real kiss yet tho infact I was going to tomorro. my parents dun know I had 2 boyfriends and kissed so I dun really care . . . jus keep it a secret :D

Answer #10

I was 14. we were at my best friends house on a half day (she got her first kiss that day too [I think])and we were watching a movie. it obviously wasnt his first though. I deff did not enjoy it. maybe because my boyfriend was my best friend first, but still…

Answer #11

my first real passionate kiss that i remember was wen i was 12 and u now wen ur old enuf to kiss not ur parents parents want to prtect but they become over protective

Answer #12

I was 12 and I’ve been making out with guys LOTS since then :) I am 14 now, haha no you are not to young to kiss. Your parents just want you to stay their little baby girl forever :/

Answer #13

I had my first kiss when I was four it was really cute and it was just because I was young and he was young and we were curious it was a cute thing little kids do I had my first real kiss when I was thirteen

Answer #14

haha.. I guess I was a late bloomer…I had my first kiss when I was 15…I was at a party completley wasted and this nasty guy kissed me…it was the most horrible thing ever…all my friends called me aids lips for a month…haha

Answer #15

Haha my first real kiss was on my 16th birthday..It was both of our first time haha it was weird and shaming at first but then I got used to it! lol

Answer #16

My first kiss was when I was 13 (7th grade). It was with my first boyfriend.

Now I am with my second boyfriend, and I’m 14, I love kissing him way more.

Answer #17

I was 17 when I kissed my girlfriend. it was amazing. that nite she pashed me heaps. that was even better. im almost 18 now an im stil with her.

Answer #18

my first real kiss was with my boyfriend Kyle it was so amesome. I was 12 and we broke upp after 6 months it was sad. but he was the boy in one of my questions.

I miss him so much </3

Answer #19

When I was twelve.I still am twelve by the way.It was nice.My other ones were better though,You can tell I would be answering this question because of my username:]

Answer #20

I had my first kiss when I was 10, but it didn’t really count. now I”m 14 and I haven’t had I proper kiss! hehe. my friend is 15 and she has never ever kissed anyone on the lips, so I wouldn’t worry

Answer #21

16… haha and it wasn’t that great :) I believe when you want to kiss someone- you shouldnt hold back. Do what you feel regardless of age. But if you’re having sex- use a condom at every age!

Answer #22

well im nearly 16 and I aint had my first kiss!!! But not because my mum sed so because I want to wait till the right person comes allong

Answer #23

in first grade lol I chased him . . .hey it worked! later he hugged me. I haven’t had my real kiss yet tho infact I was going to tomorro. my parents dun know I had 2 boyfriends and kissed so I dun really care . . . jus keep it a secret :D

Answer #24

My first kiss was when I was 13, I was kinda pushed into it by my ex .. he was 16 almost 17.. so older than me.. but I dumped him because he was in it for sex

Answer #25

I was fourteen when I had my first kiss. It was just me and my boyfriend pressing our lips together without tongue or moving our lips, but it was still a kiss.

Answer #26

hiya i had my fist kiss wen i was like 5 lol but tat wasnt proper. But i had a serious relenship wit a boy bout a year ago i was about 11 then nd now i good but the thing is it all depends if U r ready nd the boy 2. Hope this helps xxx

Answer #27

I had a first kiss when I was only 4, with a child hood friend. It was an accident plus we didn’t even know what happened. The beauty of innocence. ^^

Answer #28
  1. With my first (and only) boyfriend. We had been dating for several weeks. We’re still together and it will be two years on Saturday!!
Answer #29

I was about seven and reading everyones answers I’m actually embarrassed at how young I was.

It wasn’t anything like, it was just me and a boy in the library at school trying to be ‘grown up’

hmm :/

Answer #30

14 years old andd it was amazing…usually you think your first time will be bad and awkward but it was the total opposite for me = ] it was perfectt <3 damn I miss him =[

Answer #31

I was 16. It was not a good kiss at all… I was so disappointed. My first REAL AMZING kiss was a couple days before I turned 17… I’m now dating this guy and he’s the best boyfriend ever!

Answer #32

I had my first kiss when I was six it was really cute and it was just because I was young and he was young and we were curious it was a cute thing little kids do I had my first real kiss when I was fourteen

Answer #33

my first kiss was when I was three lol then after he showed me his d!ck lol but my first real kiss was when I was 11

Answer #34

Mine was when I was 14, with my ex… It was nice to have a first kiss, but now that I look back on it, I wish it wouldn’t have been with her.

Answer #35

14 im still 14 so last year…it was great I felt so…mmm…yea but now that im always making out with my boyfriend he gets me in da mood dont ask me y

Answer #36

I was like 6 or 7 and I know it sounds young but I knew the kid since I was like born (parents were friends) and he was like my boyfriend kinda lol

Answer #37

I was 13 when I had my first kiss and my first boyfriend I use to think I would never be kissed. Well I was wrong =D

Answer #38

my first kiss was like in 1 grade. lol but I don’t know that doesnt count. well not in my book. because it was with my friend (( still is my friend )) allen. and I cant remember why we did it. but we went into his bathroom to wash up for dinner at his house and when I got done washin my hands; he waited for me; I turned around and he kissed me. I was like ok. and we held hands back to the table. haha but like a nother “first kiss” that I dont count, was like me and my friend bess, (( hes a boy )) and we did it durin truth or dare, then because we both were kinda curious, becuase we were like 10 or 11, we just kept doing it. but not going out or anything, then we stopped and I got a boyfriend, and thats who I give my first kiss credit too. well at least the one I want to remember as it. because he was like first boy I kissed, that I liked as more then a friend. and I was 12.

Answer #39

I had mii first kiss when I was 4 we kissed while our mothers were workin out! lol…but that was a gay relationship I love my boyfriend now and he is mii best relationship evr so im going to tell you that 1…I was at school on Valentines day in front of the school office! lolz, he just leaned in and we kissed. Thn huged and yea. Thn bout 2-3 weeks l8r we started makin out so yea

Answer #40

my first kiss was when I was 15. it was horrible. I was at a bus stop with my then boyfriend and he leant in and kissed me. thing is it was straight with the tongue and it felt like he was trying to suffocate me! my first nice kiss was about 2 months ago with my current boyfriend (im 18 now). weve been best friends for about a year and a half now and we took it to the next level. our first kiss was so tender and sweet. I just cant get enough of them now xxx

Answer #41

First kiss was when I was 4, a girl called Bridget lived up the street and I was round at her house. She was telling me babies are made when a boy and a girl kiss. Then she kissed me, and I ran out to my parents in the lounge all upset because we were going to have a baby…

First “Real” kiss was at 16. It was rather contrived, I don’t feel it was very special and I wish it had been :(

Answer #42

myf irst kiss we ll kissing and snoging was weni was like 5 lol but when I stared secondrey I dint mix around wiv boys becase I new harly any thaen I kisssed som1 at 14 but not because I lyked him more that I felt left out as all my friends were talking about it but I have the same problem with my mum to so I just didnt tell her but when you do kiss som1 make sure that you relli like him and him u ok gd luck

Answer #43

Well my very first kiss was at camp last year playing spin the bottle. I really liked the guy I kissed, but we’re just best friends now and I totally regret kissing him. My first real kiss was with my first boyfriend this year, and it was amazing. You’re defenitely NOT too young to kiss. And besides, your parents can’t control who you kiss and when, it’s apart of growing up :]

Answer #44

K it was my surprise birthday party and we ended up playing spin the bottle. I was 12 at the time but now I’m 13. So earlier a guy asked me out. I liked him for a long time, then I said Of course!

Then when we were playing he spun it on me. He brought me into the bathroom and said to me “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to” But I said “I want to, but remember this is my first kiss!” It was so sweet too! Cause everyone was all like “OMG! girlfriend & boyfriend FINALLY KISSING’ “

Answer #45

My first kiss was in grade 4. I know it shouldn’t count. but it does to me because we were dating and I was like in love with him, and it wasm’t with truth or dare. we were at our elementary school. and we went under the grade 2 or 3 play ground [we had 4 playgrounds for different grades] and we were talking and we just uhh kissed. but it was so cuteee. but it got really akward with him so I broke up with him. and it is still weird to talk to him. but we both agree our first kiss <3

Answer #46

My first kiss prob was when I was 4 (proper little maneater) I had a boyfriend called cow or something! haha My first kiss kiss was with a fella called Tyrone when I was 10 he was 12/13. I lost contact with him for 4 years. Then I was invited to his parents party. and now hes 16 and im 14 bt hes hawt and nw I almost love him bt he has a girlfriend!Boo!

Answer #47

I was six, and he was six, and we were both in kindie and some other kid that I already didn’t like ( because he broke one of my dolls one day ) caught us and dobbed us in to the teacher who told our parents. I actually still have a photo of the guy, and on the back is written “my boyfriend” in realy cute, childish handwriting using a green crayon. Adorable, I must say. But an actual, real kiss, not yet…

Answer #48


Answer #49


Answer #50

13 :) awww

Answer #51

I cant remember my first kiss lol I was onli little… it was cute hehe. my first REAL kiss was when I was 13 .. I think :)

Answer #52

I’ve had my first kiss when I was about 14 I think, cant really remember but it was kinda awkward :)

Answer #53

Hahaha I had my first kiss when I was in year 1 so 6 or 7 I think LoL

But my first real one was when I was 13

Answer #54

I kissed a boy on the cheek in kindergarten(:

But, my first like “real” kiss. 15. I was drunk. Regret it a whole lott.

Answer #55

Didn’t happen until the ridiculously late age of 21.

Answer #56


Answer #57

my first kiss was at 9 in my best friends wardrobe !!!

was fun I must say even tho it was her boyfriend at the time

Answer #58

I was sitting in my basement and me boyfriend just kissed me…one thing lead to another and so on and so forth…

Answer #59

im 14 and had mine just last saturday

Answer #60

when I was twelve, last year. over the summer @ the comunity pool

Answer #61

minee was when I was 12 [:

Answer #62

I was 14 and at first, we bumped teeth twice (don’t ask me how!) but then we got it right!

Answer #63

The average age is whenever you think you’re ready to. Whenever you;re comfortable with doing it.

Answer #64

My first real kiss was at the silly age of 21… Hehe

Answer #65

I was 7 but my first real kiss was when I was 13

Answer #66

Before one of my cage rage matches:).

Answer #67

my first real kiss was on my 16th birthday! lol it felt weird but awsome! hehe

Answer #68

maybe I get mine soon, I’m almost 13 and have a sweet boyfriend

Answer #69

I had my first kiss when I was thirteen in the eighth grade; It just came out of nowhere. 8)

Answer #70

haha I had my first kiss when I was 15 :D which was like… a year ago haha and it was w my present girlfriend. :D

Answer #71

I 12 years old and I made a mistake twice in the same night!!!

Answer #72

I havent had one yet lol sad I know…

Answer #73

I never got kissed yet and im 13:)

Answer #74

I was 14 wid my 2nd boyfriend

Answer #75

I had my 1st kiss @ age 13..also in 8th grade.

Answer #76

uh, when I was 10 or 11. that’s when I actually knew what was going on but other then that I’ve had a lot since I was little.

Answer #77

About a month ago, I regret it..because I hate the guy now.

Answer #78

I kissed this guy on the play ground when I was 5. lol

Real kiss: I was 14

Answer #79

I was 17 she was 16.

Answer #80

I havent had mine and im 13. it sucks.

Answer #81

im 14, I havent kissed a girl, I havent had a girlfriend, I barely even talk to girls. im such a loser :(

Answer #82

LAST NIGHT! lol yeah I had my first real kiss last night…im 12…yeah

Answer #83

I had my first kiss when I was 6. It was with my brother’s best friend… He still blushes when I am around him..

Answer #84

I had my first “real” kiss when I was 12

Answer #85

never and I’m 13

Answer #86

11 years old. I didnt like it though!

Answer #87

well I was 13…well, I still am…

Answer #88

I had my first kiss when I was around 8 or 9

Answer #89

my first real kiss was when I was 12 <3

Answer #90

and we started making out like 2 weeks later .

Answer #91

12 i was seeing my bf form fourth grade up unitl seventh when we finaly kissed

Answer #92

At my 10 th age I am kissed a girl

Answer #93

My first Real kiss at 12. Ahh Memories =]

Answer #94

First REAL kiss was when I was 15. It was scary and awesome at the same time. I will never forget it.

Answer #95

1st kis shud b when your 13…I fink 15 eht yung

Answer #96

I was bout 12 13

Answer #97

I was 10 and I was at sleepaway camp and all the kids in m group who were dating kissed

Answer #98

12 =))

Answer #99

My first real kiss was when I was 14.

Answer #100

Okayy 15 Is Not Too Young


Answer #101

I was 19 when I had my first kiss,

Answer #102

I had my first kiss when I was about 8 or 9!!

Answer #103

my first was when I was like 10… my firdt REAL kiss was 13

Answer #104

12 ish if you dont count all the ones that didnt mean anything when I was little

Answer #105

I had my first “real” kiss when I was 12

Answer #106

Cute danbob!

Answer #107

I was 11 when I had my first real kiss… and was with his for 3 days short of a year ^_^

Answer #108

I was 17 when I had my first kiss. I remember how at first I didn’t know what I was doing, but then how natural it became…

Answer #109

I was 13 it was in the movie theatre haha.

Answer #110

first kiss was when I was 7 but my first first real kiss was when I was 9

Answer #111


Answer #112

I was about 11 or 12

Answer #113

13 :) ox.

Answer #114

I was 12

Answer #115

12 or 13 im not sure which.

Answer #116

12 french kiss

Answer #117


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