How old do you have to be an underwear model?

Ok so I was looking at this victoria secret magazine, and I was looking in PINK section, and it looked like there was girls that were 13! modeling BRA'S. Why?

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It's not porn. You need to be 18 to do porn. And a lot of models start at age 12. Have you noticed what most models look like? Their bodies look like 12 year olds... They're extremely skinny, they dont have hips, butts or busts... I.e. very tall 12 year olds with lots of makeup... The question is not why are there 13 year olds in the magazines, well actually it is, why are women trying to look like they're 12 is an important question, but really the question is why would any parent allow their child to walk around half nude?

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I would have hoped it would be 18
but unfortunanlty some places have little kids and teens modeling underwear
a 13 year old doesnt eally need a bra, or fancy frilly underwear
or perverts looking the website because there children in adult looking lingerie
I think its disgusting, I would have hoped it would be 18 but its not

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Probably because 12-14 year olds are all worried about what they look like and want to act older so the bra companies make their ads appeal to that age group, in some cases using models that looks really young. If you notice, there are always little girls asking how to make their chest bigger, what clothes to buy, how to wear their hair, and how to lose weight. The companies know this and take advantage of it, of course. Young girls are in such a hurry to grow up and look older and be 'sexy' and appealing to the opposite sex.

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I think you have to be 18 to do that kind of stuff. but then the world is changing. yo got all this weird stuff going on and these girls are developing much quicker. they have a older looking body but are a lot younger. and the ones that are older look a lot younger. so it' hard to tell.

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Ok thanks you guys!

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