How old do you have to be to have a credit card?

I am almost 14 can I have a credit card im in arizona if that helps

Answer #1

Ask your parents. I personally wouldn’t let my almost-fourteen-year-old daughter have a credit card, knowing fully well that I’m the one who gets to pay for her random and useless purchases.

FYI, I didn’t get mine until I was eighteen. Chances are that’s how old you are when you get your first credit card.

Answer #2

dear scragly…i like ur advice…wear in auz do u live? i live in auz…gr8 country 2 live in…lol xoxo

Answer #3

I’m 17, and have been trying every creditcard site there is. I’m going to college in a month and really would like one. I’m finding it very hard though. I’m pretty sure that the age is 18 otherwise I wouldn’t keep getting turned down! ):

Answer #4

u have to be 18 for you 2 be able to control your card bt since your under your parents will most likely control it meaning if you have let’s say $50 on it and you go to a shop lets say nike or something and get something that is $60 over the bank wont pay it because since your parents control your account and there is only $50 well the card wont pass. Honestly It’s better not to have one because a LOT more responsibilities your way and at least if you have the $50 in hand you know what you can spend or not. ps: well w.e ever you choose have fun with it!

Answer #5

18, start with a student visa or mastercard. make sure you have a job or you are in trouble for life.

Answer #6

The usual age for a credit card is 18- you are currently still a minor, so any debts you incur would be the responsibility of your parents. Sometimes you can get your parents to give you a credit card off their account- they set the limit, and often they tell you to “only use it in emergencies”. If you want it to buy stuff online, you might be able to set up a debit card with your bank- it’s a card that takes money you have in your account to buy stuff online. Personally, I can’t understand why you’d want one- you’re 14, which means you can’t be employed anywhere, so you wouldn’t be able to earn enough to pay it back, and in turn, you would inevitably get yourself into debt- not a good way to go.

Best just to stick with spending what you have, rather than what you don’t. If something is too expensive for you to get now, save- it’s a valuable skill to learn.

Answer #7

You must be 18 but you are old enough for a checking account I’ve had one since twelve your parents put money in the account and you use it like a credit card

Answer #8

if you are in australia go to a local bank and ask for a prepaid credit card they take money off your bank account and you get a card thats crossed between a gift card and credit card you can use them on the playstaion network store and a lot of random online websites. my dad works at westpac and they had heaps of work 2 get through so they all went 2 work on the weekend and then they got lots of those cards free and started buying stuff online lol hope this helps =D

Answer #9

im about to b 13 and I want a cresit card badly because I cant get employed so I have no money but I get 50 bucks a week so!!!~~~

Answer #10

Yeeeah yaaa im geettin 1 Tomorrow yayayayay sooo FREAKIN HAPPY im Old Now TO gEt It! yAYYAYAYAY

Answer #11

I’m 13 and I really want a credit card… I do deals online and all… for now I’m doing it on craigslist cause it doesn’t require credit cards and it’s a face-to-face transaction.

Meanwhile there’s a lot of good deals out there at eBay and Amazon which I really want to take advantage of.

But getting a credit card I can wait until I’m 18… I have a question

I’m applying for a postpaid T-Mobile or AT&T Account for my iPhone (it’s unlocked). Do I have a credit scored (I know it’s 0 cause I haven’t borrowed anything yet) but do I have one? Cause my parent’s credit score is around 650 and that’s not that good I need to apply for a network. Cause I’m putting 5 lines not 3 lines (which is the limit for T-Mobile FlexPay prepaid)


Answer #12

LOL, wilamry123 I am pretty sure you have to at least know how to spell credit card in order to get one. You are way too young and if your parents can afford to pay you 50$ a week then there is absolutely no reason for you to have one.

Answer #13

i would say 18 but since u live in america it could b diff rulez 2 australia…i would go to the bank that you have accounts with or the bank that your parents are with n ask them about how old you have 2 b 4 a credit card.

Answer #14

I am 16 and I just got my credit card, I am set up under my parents account. But really you don’t need one when you are 14, I only got my credit card so I can earn points when I buy gas and so I don’t have to go into the building every time I want to get gas. But I would not suggest getting a credit card with out a job, I have a job and when I use it for other things then gas I start to see the bills building up pretty fast and its scary.

Answer #15

At 14 you don’t need a credit card, what could you possibly need that would require one? I just recently turned 18, and only just got a debit card. Getting a credit card can only be bad for someone of your age because most people that age don’t realize the whole credit card thing. Not only do you have to pay back what you spend, but you also need to pay interest. It’s not worth it.

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