How much will i make..?

I just had an interview today and I have a training session on Tuesday and then I start :)

I get paid, 9.50$ for 3 days ( on school days ) from 5pm - 9:30pm

and on saturday and sunday I get paid, 20$ an hour from 10am-5pm

How much will I make in total every week?

Thank you :)

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I checked 4 times so I don't know why question01 is comeing up with 322.75.

Unless I've been doing it wrong 4 times over.

ANSWER #2 of 6

Sorry I wasn't counting the three days only one matt18091 is right you'll make $408.25.

ANSWER #3 of 6

Wait... I need to re-read this.. Why am I comeig up with more?..

ANSWER #4 of 6

$408.25- (I'm not sure if they'll take money off for breaks at your job.)

That's good for only a 27 hour week.

ANSWER #5 of 6

You'll make $322.75 a week. Not including taxes so probably less.

ANSWER #6 of 6

we dont pay for taxes because I'm a student :)

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