How much should a 14 year old girl weight?

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you shouldnt care about your weight. as long as you feel beautiful. and feel confident it shouldnt matter. you're still growing. you will grow out of it. dont worry :)

(btw, im 14 as well. and I dont give a care what people think of my weight.)

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really I am 172 pounds and I am 14 y.o. I wanna lose weight but cant I really think 14 y.o. girls should weigh 110 but how do I get there

Average weight for 14 year old girls
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100 pounds plus 5 pounds per inch over 5 feet tall. Muscle weighs more than fat so if you are in great shape you can weigh more. Waist measurement should be smaller that hip size.

What is the average weight of a 14 year old girl?
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It depends on yhoor height and build. x

Is 116 a good weight for a 14 year old girl in highschool
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there is no average
and it depends on your age and height
first you need to see a doctor and get your bmi (body mass index)
calculated for your height and age
he/she will tell you what weight range your in
and how much you need to loose/gain if your not in the healthy weight range

The average weight for 13 year old girls?
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It depends on your height.

General weight for a 14 year old in stones. Not pounds or K/Kg
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hun it dont matter how much you weight!
as long as your happy! :0) x

avarage weight for a 14 year old ?

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