How much make-up should I put on at 13 for school?

I’m 13, and I wear a bit of make-up to school. I usually put on liquid liner, mascara, a teensy weensy bit of kohl underneath my bottom lashes. I also put a nude colour blush on, foundation and clear lipgloss. I would never wear loads and loads, like some girls in my form do. I limit as much as I can, but I don’t think I would risk wearing none at all. Is this too much for my age??

Answer #1

Firstly, you’re only 13 and I’m curious whom you’re trying to impress. If you’re wearing make-up because you like that altered way it makes you look, good for you. I believe it’s better to wear as little as possible and only to highlight your beauty that’s already there NOT give you some sort of beauty you may not have. As far as a foundation, my understanding is that stuff clogs your pores and sunlight/sunshine is the enemy and causes wringles. So, wear a make-up or skin protectant that will moisturize your skin and hydrate your face not dry it out like a foundation might/will. As far as I’m concerned, make-up for a 13-year-old is a bit much so maybe you can start wearing it in your 12th year of high school. If you do, I would say mascara to highlight your eyelashes and some vaseline or lip gloss on your lips.

What I believe it more important than make-up is personal hygiene. Always brush your teeth after every meal, flossing is much more important than brushing if you can’t brush your teeth, take showers before school and before going to bed (that will help you on your wedding night and every night while you’re married) and make sure to shave under your arms at least every other day and shave your legs at least every other 2-3 days. Keep your personal area neat, trimmed and fresh for the love of your life.

The basic rule here is: Smell like a rose and taste like honey! Enjoy your life!

Answer #2

Hey Girl, As little as possible. Although, I was once a 13 year old girl, as well, and I understand why you want to wear makeup. Here are some suggestions:

  1. If you really want to wear foundation, choose some type of Mineral makeup like (bare minerals). Not only will it be sensitive to your skin, it will also give you a natural look.

  2. Avoid lipstick and stick with glosses. They are more age-appropriate, yet still provide a cute look.

  3. Avoid heavy eye makeup like black eyeliner. I see a lot of teenage girls wearing way too much eye makeup, and it’s very unflattering. If you want to wear eye makeup, pick a mascara (possibly even a clear one) and some eyeshadows that will complement you.

As for specific brands, just go to a drugstore or department store and browse their makeup section to see what interests you. You may also want to check out E.L.F cosmetics. Almost all of their stuff is $1, so it’s a great way to experiment and see what colors and things work best for you.

Just remember to keep it as natural as possible and have fun!

Good Luck! -Makeup Guru

Answer #3

ok im 14 and I wear eyeliner,eye shadow,mascara,and blush.I know this sounds like a lot but it really arent wearing too much make-up.I think its fine.everyone here wears all that give or take a few things.

Answer #4

only put lipgloss and either mascara or liner on. your only 13 soo you dont have to put tons of make-up on!!!

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Answer #6

I think it is way to much for you age you shouldnt wear to much..too much can mess things up. eyeliner and mascara is fine but all the other stuff you should calm down on for alil bit…my opinon you don’t have to.

Answer #7

I think that is defnitely just fine. that amount of makeup if ok, so don’t listen to anyone else who tells you different

Answer #8

I think that’s fine, just don’t overload with eye makeup. And if you have bold eyes have simple lips, so your not overloading. Make sure you don’t use to much foundation (if you use it) some girl in my form uses it, thinks she looks pretty when she actually looks much much better without it. (:

Answer #9

That is wayyy too much, girl! Trust me, you do NOT need liquid liner!

Stick with mineral powder (not foundation! Powder will give you light coverage…teenage girls don’t need heavy coverage!) or tinted moisturizer. Use pencil eyeliner on the top lid, one that matches the color of your eyelashes. If you’re blond or a redhead, use brown. If you’re a brunette or have black hair, use black. An smudge it with a Q-tip.

Use just a little mascara…not over-the-top, super-lengthening, mega-volumizing mascara! That just doesn’t look appropriate for your age.

The use a little pearlescent or clear lip gloss and you’re done! :)

Answer #10

for 13 years old, I think thats a little too much makeup! im 14 years old and all I ever wear is mascara and some concealer, but then again, I dont know much on how to wear makeup like eyeliner and stuff, lol.

and I hate lip glosses, I usually just use lipbalm, and sometimes those stains for your lips, but not too dark, just a little pink.

try not to overdo it on the makeup, let your natural beauty come thru! (:

Answer #11

I think you should wear what you’re comfortable with. I’m 14 and I have my makeup kinda dramatic. I do the smokey eye type makeup and I do just fine. And I agree with people talking about the foundation. I don’t wear foundation I just use concealor to cover up some spots and that’s all you can really do really. Just don’t overdo it too much. You want to be a girl with makeup not makeup with a girl. But I personally think you’re doing just fine. It doesn’t hurt to experiment.

Answer #12

im 17 and I only put on eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss at school. when I was your age I didnt even know how 2put an eyeliner. I think you should stop using so much make-up. just think that ull have all your life 2 wear make-up. now your naturally beautiful so don’t hide it. I have friend who started wearing make-up at your age and they have regreted so much. anyway if make-up gives you more confidence in urself just try eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss and please do NOT use fondation or your face’ll be wrinkled after a decade.

Answer #13

I think you shouldnt wer foundation really just blush and a tinted mosturizer..but everythn else sounds good!–btw because last yr I alwys wore foundation daily and now that I don’t I realzie because of my excessive foundation wearing,I’ve lost the natural color of my skin;ther4,it used to be beige and tanish, but now its pale!so slowly im geting my natural tan skincolor back but I just dont want that to hapen to you girl! but yeahh eyeliners fun to wear :) just don’t do too much

Answer #14

I think it’s a bit too much, sincerely. You can easily quit at foundation (it’s bad for your skin) - if you have problems with your skin, go to a dermatologist, problems like these should be solved, not hidden. Next, you could choose between the liquid eyeliner and the kohl - one it’s enough. I use an eyeliner from Maybelline, it’s called Line Definer and it’s like a combination between the liquid and the kohl one. Blush is ok, so is the lipgloss… Anyway, make sure you will never look like a cartoon version of yourself :)

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