How much is it to fix a leaky roof?

Okay at my home I have a small attached garage at the side

Through numerous birthday and christmas presents me and my brother have put together a gym in there

Its got a treadmill, barbell, dumbells, punchbag, bike, tv and dvd player and a small multigym

It is quite old and hasnt even been plastered or anything in there.
This does mean its rather cold and dirty, like an unused building lol

Anyways the roof has started leakking a bit
I've just been in their and there is a bucket full of water in there!
I was j/w how much it would cost to get the roof fixed its not too much of a problem as it only leaks in one corner and we moved the electrical stuff away from it
But it doesnt make it feel or look very nice

Also the multigym uses a wire to pull the weights but its not running smothly since we took it apart and re assembled it to move it. We think the wire is damaged does anyone know were to get a new one

Thanks in advance.

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Well you can buy a bucket of roofing tar for about $8 to $12 ... the problem is do you KNOW where the leak originates from? It might come thru in the corner, but the leak could originate from anywhere on that side, and just roll under the shingles until it comes to that corner.

A new roof is far more expensive than $1000...try $6000. Look on line...there is a trick you can use with indigo ink to see where the leak originates, but I can't remember how that works.

If you decide to tar, you need a putty knife (and the stuff is messy)...If the garage is attached to the house, that's where I'd start...along the line right where it attaches to the house. If you go up there, you might even find missing shingles...those would need to be replaced.


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It could cost anywhere from $25-$1,000 (if it goes o $1,000 dollars I would just buy a new roof)

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