How much cum should i eject from my va-jay-jay?

Everytime I cum there is like 4 litres of cum... I could like seriously fill a milk jug with cum! Is that normal? What's the normal amount?

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Um...I think you should go to your gynecologist to make sure that is a normal thing to do.

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LOL no it means masturbateee lol !!
like rubing your hand up and down on your penis or vaj until you cum !!!

What is cum
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Im very confused... What's wank? Does that means tickling my feet?... That's what my mom told me when I asked. :S

how do you get the taste of cum out of your mouth?
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How do you cum? o.o I try to cum but no it just doesnt work..

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The normal amount is a tea spoon full everytime you ejaculate !! but sometimes its more and sometimes its less depends on how much you wank really :/ if you wank a lot sometimes you dont come at all just wank as much as you can daily and then see how much you produce !!!

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LOL I get a towel and fold it once or twice make it quite thick then finger myself then I cum on to the towel and fold it up and put it in the wash

if a boy didnt cum can you still be pregnent?
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Um... not sure... meaby you just can cum good... but if it gets bead then I guess doctor can be an option...


Cum sickness lol
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when you cum the most you can cum is 2 jars of milk ;)
sooo no need to worry about you .
happens to every girl .
if your a guy .. well theres something going on ; ) lol

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Who do all guys have pre cum?

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