How many times have you circled the globe?

So I’ve been to Indonesia twice, Maldives once, Nepal twice, Europe once, etc. Adding it all up, and I can honestly say I’ve been around the world more than four times, as I’ve also traveled back & forth across the US (3K miles one way) and went to & from Costa Rica multiple times before living there once, and on my way back (traveling for an interview).

What about you? Add it up, how many times have you circled the globe?

Answer #1

England, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Egypt, China, and Colombia!!

I have no idea how many cumulative miles that is or how to then take that and figure out how many times around the globe that would be…eee. Perhaps a few times.

Answer #2

@hungry chippo / ROFLMAO.

I didn’t include car miles :)

Let’s see: first car, 50K miles, second car, 10K, 3rd car, 25K, 4th car, 50K, 5th, about 8K, 6th, 10k, 7th, 15K, 8th, about 14K so far.

If I add that up, it’s about 190K miles in drive time :) Man, 500K miles??? And I’ve been driving since I was 16…wow.

Answer #3

yeah, I drive a couple hundred miles a day while shooting films, and I drove a lot at my last 2 jobs as well. I’m a fan of cars, and driving in general, so it works out. it’s all on company cars, too, which is nice. I just got a new one today. I’ll slam 10,000 miles on it this month, easily. anyways, good question.


Answer #4

Well…the only time I have been on a plane is when I was in 2nd grade going to Colorado, and I don’t even remember:( So, I’ve never circled the globe ever. Never even been out of the country.

Answer #5

I’m not much of a globe-trotter, but I drive all over the place for work. I’ve driven over half a million miles in my life thus far. what’s the earth, 25,000 miles around the equator? I’ve circled the earth roughly 20 times so far. wow…I’m living the dream!


Answer #6

I left cuba to go to finland (europe), then russia, then miami, then hawaii, then bahamas…

I’d say at least once. maybe a bit more.

Answer #7

I have been all around my country multiple times (canada), family is everywhere, and all over the USA, I’ve also been to different parts of Europe… So in total I would say at least once maybe twice…

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