How many remember 9/11?

how many of you rember that day when the towers fell from the sky and burned? I rember and ill never let it go. also has 9/11 shatered your lifes or broken it into two because it happend to me

Answer #1

I remember it vividly - unfortunately many Americans today do not and have become very complacent - many pretend that same enemy is not still out there - fallen asleep, comes to mind.

Answer #2

Ok, I agree there is a lot that needs to be investigated about 9/11. A proper investigation has never been done. But the buildings were not demolished. I have seen both loose change movies, and I am not impressed. That being said, I do believe there is some level of complicity with the administration. PNAC. as the poster said, did predict only one year before that what was needed get the American people to go agree with a militaristic approach to change the mid-east and particularly Iraq, was a catalizing event like a “new Pealr Harbor”. And one year later they got exactly that in 9/11, and they immediately began beating the drums of war against Iraq, even thought they had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. And for those of you who don’t know who were members on PNAC, it included Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, Kristol, Jeb Bush, Elliot Abrams, Bill Bennet, John Bolton, Armitage, Pearl. All people deeply involved in pursuading this country to invade Iraq after 9/11. But they were asking to do the same before 9/11, but no one took them seriously until after that horrible tragedy. I think they knew what was coming and did nothing to stop it, because they needed their “new Pearl Harbor”.

Answer #3

Look up Mena Arkansas, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found actual footage of Bill/Hill Clinton in bed with Senior. Ask Gary Webb, Vince Foster, many, many more for their feelings on Shillary Clinton, only, get a medium first.(and a will requesting a private investigation if you are ever found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound) I will vote for Ron Paul if for no other reason than his call for dismantling the Federal Reserve.(and his stance against Patriot Acts, Military Commissions Act, ceding war powers to the executive, we could have used you Edward supporters.) Who owns the Federal Reserve? What is the Inflation tax, and how does congress use it to pacify/lull it’s constituents? What’s the difference between corporate fascism and socialism dictated via central banks? Paul and Felix Warburg know the answers. Zbigniew Brzezinski is Obama’s top foreign advisor, look for more of the same, if for some odd reason the powers that be give his nomination the go ahead.

Answer #4

Yes, I am a political animal, and lean very much to the left. But that has more to do with my world view, and much less to do with the actual people leading from the left. I am not naive enough to think that either party is immune to the influence of coporate power. That doesn’t mean they are both equally compormised. The GOP, by far, is actual partners with, and paid & bought for by huge multinational corporations. That is why I was an Edwards supporter. He would have made it a priorty to remove money influence from government. I think Obama has the best chance now to make some headway against the money and power that is stangling our democracy. But even Hillary would be a vast improvement over Bush.

Answer #5

Fair enough, we agree to disagree. Sometimes shills try and reroute public scrutiny via half truths, I don’t get that impression from you. Please take the time and investigate the litany of evidence at the sites I recommended. I fear troubled waters ahead and at least you seem to be an independent thinker, we could use a few more in this country.

Sirhan Sirhan was a manchurian cadet if there ever was one. James Earl Ray was a patsy at best.

I took the time to view some of your other comments, and the only fault I find is that you seem to be still in a left/right world. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and don’t wish to belittle your world view, only I have become aware of the games being played keeping us offkeel, running from left to right and back on a ship amidst a controlled sea of turbulence. As I have stated the International Banking Cartel have the reins of power, if you understand their modus operandi, you can portend the future tempests bellowed our way. You will find that they pull the strings of both the left and right hands and we are apt to believe their prestidigitations

P.S. I hope you aren’t referring to Popular Mechanics “Debunking 9/11 Myths” as countervaling arguments. These bastions of yellow journalism have been completely deconstructed by experts.

P.P.S. I don’t know why, but when I tried to post the abbreviated form of “never-do-wells” it transcribed as any’erdowells.

Answer #6

I was in 4th grade at a catholic school and our principal came over the intercome and was talking about it and I didn’t really understand I didn’t think it was anything big. Then parents started coming to pick their kids up and when I got home and saw what actually happened it traumatized me I will never forget that day.

Answer #7

I remember 9/11. I was applying for college for the spring semester. I was with a friend and we had stopped by the college book store. As we were leaving, someone hollered and started crying. There on the T.V screen was the second plane hitting. It was horrifying. I had nightmares for weeks. I still remember

Answer #8

im an American, and I remember it… I was in 4th grade, and all the teachers were crying, and they just sat in the room and didnt say nething, they finally told us and we watched it on tv. we got out of skool, and when I got home noone talked… it was horrible.

Answer #9

I live in Canada so when it happened most people went on with their daily lives and did not really concern themselves because they did not really comperhend what was occuring. At the time I was only like 8 or 9 so I did not really know what was going on. I think it was really sad but that sort of thing happens in a lot of other people and most people really don’t care. I think because it happened to such a stable country that was so powerful people cared way more. I feel remorse for the people who had to suffer through 9/11

Answer #10

I remember. my mom told be about it after school when I was in like 3rd grades, and actually I didnt understand what she was telling me I I felt it wasnt good. oh and it happend when we were at mcdonalds

Answer #11

shoot yeah I remember it, I was in 6th grade and we did no work that day and all our teachers were havein breakdowns and some of the students actually had lovedones in them towers, it was an awful day. I will never forget that no matter how old I get

Answer #12

Not complacency as in Pearl Harbor, although the oil embargo goaded the Japanese into that attack, but complicity as in JFK who was assassinated months following the executive order 11110 override of the congressional rescission of stagnant gov’t issued silver certificates, which were competing with the Federal Reserve note seeking to drop precious metal backing, and become the fiat currency it is today. Johnson’s first act in office seemed to be orders to ignore executive order 11110 as printing of silver certificates immediately ceased upon his inauguration. The International banking cartel have bloody hands.

Larry Silverstein purchased the leases on buildings one and two, a few months prior to 9/11 for a couple hundred million dollars, insured them for billions, then, lo and behold buildings implicitly designed to withstand jet airline impact suffer complete annihilation when two are crashed into them, and one from falling debris that should have attained superficial damage at best.

Thermate (demolition blasting compound) was found in the rubble as noted by professor Stephen Jones. The steel support remnants were whisked away to China for recycling before any erstwhile examination took place.

All three buildings fell at freefall speed, anomalous(unheard of) outside of controlled demolition. They are the only steel buildings EVER to have completely collapsed from structural fires.

Naudet bros filming a “documentary about firefighters” just happen to be filming the towers at the exact moment of impact, enabling the tragedy to be propagandized ad infinitum by the cartel, become stingy when documentarians such as Loose Change crew want to cross examine the official fairytale.

Just a minuscule sampling of circumstantial evidence implicating the powers behind the President.

You’re a hard man to impress.

Add Christopher Bollyn to the reference list.

Answer #13

There is plenty of counter arguments to loose change too. I know I will never convince you, so I wont try, but trying to find precedent in an unprecedented event like 9/11 is futile. All of the forensics and science has no frame of reference for what happened at the WTC, so comparing it to other catastrophes is not enough proof. I am however all for any and all investigations into the loose change charges. There is still plenty we dont know.

Now with JFK, I do believe you have something. RFK & MLK too. It cannot be a coincident that the three greatest progressive thinkers of the sixties all were shot around such mysterious circumstances

Answer #14

Wow. I remember it well - I went into a shop crying my eyes out and no-one asked me what was wrong because everyone else felt the same (this was in England).

Do you think it affected you so dramatically because of the age you were when it happened? Or is it something else? I mean, it affected all of us and still does, but the phrases you use are really powerful.

Answer #15

I remember the exact moment I found out about it. 911 has not shattered my life, but it certainly has affected it.

Answer #16

Boo to you two any’erdowells doubting the veracity of my comment. Boo! Boo!

Answer #17

9/11 was an inside job, perpetrated by neocons/neolibs prefaced by PNAC (Project for a New American Century) and carried out by thermate demolition blasts in a controlled manner on all three buildings. Download a free copy of Loose Change 2nd edition for a paradigm shifting expose. Check out American Free Press, WhatReallyHappened, ConspiracyPenPal, the works of Professor Stephen Jones, David Ray Griffin, Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones for the stockpiles of WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy, andHows of it all. It would require years to try and work through it all here.

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned institution by a cartel of banking families keeping us all insolvent and obfuscating the amount we pay in taxes by way of Inflation. Now you know why we have gasoline prices proud of $3.00 a gallon and no taxes with which to carry out multi theater wars. Look up “A Talk With G. Edward Griffin” or his book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” for more info. Also research Eustace Mullins.

Al Qaeda is a database filled with Mujahadeen all on the CIA’s payroll Osama Bin Laden is the Emmanuel Goldstein of our time. History is a concoction of those who operate the printing presses. “Who controls the past, controls the future, Who controls the present, controls the past.” Zack dela Rocha or was it George Orwell

Wake Up, You are being taken for a ride and the destination is a place you want no part of.

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