How many of you are animal lovers?

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o'm'g! I luv luv luv animals!!! I have 30 pigeons, 5 chooks, 2 rabbits, 2 dogs, 3 horses, 1 goat, 1 sheep and 7 fish!!! I luv them all to death ( not literally!) so let me see... all up I have... over 50 pets!!! hehe

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I love animals all the way through,I take care and enjoy my grandma's two cats they are sooo adorable!!!

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I love exotic animals more then domestic ones. which is why I plan on either becoming an animal field researcher or a zoo keeper. I am happiest when I am around animals. (and no my brother does not count)

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I gues you could say I am. I love dogs. they're so cute./ but yeah, I like mostly every animal excpet monkeys. I love horses!!

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I LOVE CATS, KITTENS, HAMSTERS, puppies, and horses, I hate all kinda bugs!! but I like butterflies! I like lions, tigers, I LOVE CHEETAS!! I touched a cheeta!! she's just like a huge cat!!! lol

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I looove animals well cept dogs but my favorite is cats they so kewt ^.^ but my mom wont let me have 1 all we gots is dumb dogs DX I want to kitty (=^.^=)

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I love all animals! :)

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I looove animals! They're my life! I'm not allowed a pet, but I'm going to get one as soon as I can. At the moment, I'm minding my grandmother's dog, Maxi.
He's cute!
I want to get a job involving working with animals.
I'm going to borneo next yr and I'm going 2 the orangutan sanctuaries! Yay!

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I am! I have 30 pets :D
Jade x x x

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I'm a certified animal lover! lol

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I love animals the furry ones and feathered ones and aquatic ones and frogs,turtles,lizards but NOT snakes/spiders!

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Yup, I am. So much so that I spend my weekends managing the animal shelter near me. :)

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I love all of gods creatures

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That's ok...god spelled backwards is dog!! :)

I'm an animal lover through and through.


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Imeant good days. my keyboard is messing up its annoying.

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I love everything on my god days.

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I love animals!!!

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I love animalsss :)
im vegan. tell ya anything?? lol

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I love animals, especially dogs. :)

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