How made drugs

Ok how made drugs god or saten???

Answer #1

I don’t mean to start anything,but Satan created the weed and the cocoa plant. The rest,man.

Answer #2

Neither god nor Satan made drugs. They are simply substances, both natural and synthesized.

Answer #3

Drugs are neither good or bad. It’s how you use them.

Heroin is a wonderful drug for relieving horrible pain.But if it is abused it can destroy lives. Digitalis can save lives of heart attack victims, or kill people as a poison.

God or Satan don’t have anything to do with drugs. It’s how individual men choose to use them.

Answer #4

Well, heroin and cocaine are made from plants too (poppy and coca) so technically God made them. Satan belongs to the Christian’s because they needed a polar opposite of their God.

Answer #5

God grew the plants, Satan planted the corrupted thoughts into Man’s mind, and Man makes the drugs. So, I think that Satan and Man share the blame. =]

Answer #6

Welll weed grows out of the ground, so I’d say god on that one. Most other drugs are made by people manufacturing them and abusing them so all the other ones are the devil, there you go.

Answer #7

lol if you want my opinion there are so called drug and then there are the herbs, drugs are a chemicly altered man made substance such as cocain, meth, acid, mdma ect but marijana isnt relly a drug at all its use as a healer in hospitals around the world, it has no bad sitfects, and its has no proven death related to marijana, but to awnser your question, man made drugs but mother earth made canabus =D

Answer #8

Well since the most powerful psychadelic is produced in your body ( dmt) and in all other living things I thinks that answers your question. “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs”- salvador Dali

Answer #9

I think you mean who not how.

Answer #10

god made weed, but people made most of the other drugs

Answer #11

yes. and we are proud to this very day to get high. :)

Answer #12

The earth did naturally and then humans figured out how to use them.

Answer #13


Answer #14

Aw, are you high right now?

Answer #15

Ok.. God made Weed, Salvia, Cocaine, Heroin, Magic Mushrooms, Mescaline, and other natural plants that humans abuses..

I think God already knew humans will use drugs if it’s put on earth.. that’s why God put it in the first place, is because they’re for human consumption.

Answer #16

But all you guys are forgetting that Marijuana is not a drug… it just happens to produce THC. Marijuana is like a lot of drugs except Cannabis can be smoked with no altercations. Coca plants mixed with gasoline, ammonium, hydrochloric acid, and a few other compounds gets you cocaine HCl. its like how people extract THC and make brownies and cupcakes or even the prescription Marinol which is a synthetic form of THC used for AIDS patients. Shrooms, Peyote, DMT, which are all hallucinagens are all Schedule I drugs and they all grown naturally in the earth with no man’s help to work.

Everyone can blame God or Satan for putting the plants here, but in the end humans strive for something greater than what comes natural and that’s why people resort to drugs. We would find a way to make them somehow.. Like some of the newer ones.. Methamphetamine, MDMA, LSD, Oxycontin, Adderall, and the list goes on. These are manmade chemicals to act in the same fashion.

Guess you can only blame the curiosity of the human mind…

Answer #17

I think you mean who not how and god grew the plants but man made the drug satan just took advantage of it

Answer #18

If you mean “God” createt weed, he would also be the one who created Opium, alcohol, psychedelic mushrooms. The things people did was to take these things, purify and turn them into more potent drugs.

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