How long should you bleed after anal sex?

My husband and I recently decided to have anal sex for the first time...and I can acutally say that I loved it..he was gentle and I loved it...but now three days bleeding out of my anal like I was on my period..with what looks like blood cloths in toilet...what should I do is it normal..?

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Did you bleed when it happend? Have you had children? The reason I ask is because I know when I was pregnant I got seriously constipated and got a tear in my anus. Once that happens its really easy to open it up again. Its been 11 years and I still occassionally bleed from it. I gotta say, I love oral sex! I have been divorced for a few years now and just had sex again for the first time a few months ago. It was anal sex and it was AMAZING!!! It hurt some but I didnt bleed so that was good.

If its red that means it is fresh and likely a tear. Having a bowel movement can open it up again. If its brown (and really, how would one know that for sure? LOL!) then its old blood and probably came from further up and you should see a doctor.

If it doesnt heal up after a few days or if the bleeding gets worse you should see a doctor. Possibly get something like Neosporin and put some around the outside of your anus. Make sure you clean good too. might also want to take a stool softener or laxitive so that your bowel movements are soft and easy. Any kind of pushing will open the tear again and cause more bleeding.

I know this all seems so gross but its really not a big deal.

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