How long is to long for dog to have first puppy

My dog has been in labor for about 2 hours and nothing, she is panting heavily but only has pushed a few times- this is her first litter should I be worried?

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You shouldnt be worred. Dogs can take a loong time to pop them pups out. lol Just make sure when she does have them to touch them as little as possible. The mother will not like it no matter who you are and it can cause many diseases. But until then just sit with her and pet her head. Try not to let her move around too much.

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I think you have plenty of time to search the internet and get educated (something you should have done a month ago)...a first litter could take up to 12 hours to get going.


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Ok well you shouldn't need to pull the puppy out but definitely don't pull it out if the dog isn't having contractions cause then you can cause a lot more problems. Don't you have all the supplies you need in case of emergencies? You really should get the dog to the vet so they can properly deliver them. Anyways, you can call your vet if you are worried. Calls are f-r-e-e anyways, dogs can be in labor for awhile. But if a puppy doesn't come out when she goes into full labor then you should be worried. It took forever for my dog to deliver her first puppy and it's ok. She's just in the beginning of it and trust me you are in for a big ride. I think it took like 4-5-6 hours before she went into full labor. Calm down I'm sure everything will be ok.

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relax...if it's her first litter it might take awhile. if you don't see a puppy soon, you might need to take her to vet or...I know this sounds gross but, you will need a rubber glove if you can see a head gently pull, you ,might have to turn the puppy while pulling GENTLY and SLOWLY!!! if the mama dog doesn't start licking the sack off the puppy immediatly you will have to remove it yourself or the puppy will suffocate.

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Do not ever pull out a puppy ever

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