How long do pitbulls live

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it depends if it is healthy, any preexisting health problems will factor in the lifespan. I would say about 13 years on average. altho I've seen some older than that.

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well theres really not a year or whatever when they die it matters how well you take care of it and if it doesnt get hit by a car or something like that

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my b/f owns a pit bull and he is 11. He is in awesome condition and when people ask how old he is they are like, "NO WAY!!!" A pit bulls life span, says my b/f, is about 13-15 years. It does depend on how well they are taken care of. Feed them good expensive food and walk them. They need to play a lot and get them used to other doggies. They have fun together!

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Average Life Span:
12-14 years

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