Why do all of the women always get special treatment online?

I don’t mind if someone celebrates their birthday, but what I hate is someone doing it just to get attention. Here’s what I mean. I happen to be a watch collector, my collection is’nt big! but I like what I have, Anyways there’s a couple of women on one of the forums I go on I say a couple because it’s mostly guys. Well I’ve noticed recently most if not all of the women always get special treatment, because their women. One of those women menchend her Birthday was January 1st OK no problem, but it’s almost as if she announced it just to get free stuff in this case a watch or something watch related. Believe me I’ve seen the type of stuff she gotten for no reason how do I know, she tells everyone. I’m not gonna lie, one of the members did gift me something but this person seems and her friend seem to get free stuff just because their women. If it were two guys they would complain to the owners.

Answer #1

It’s not about who gets what or who gets the better treatment. Everyone should be treated equally. Plain and simple.

Answer #2

Trust me when I say that no one gets treated equally , no matter where you are or who your with there will always be someone who gets the better deal and treatment. Most people just don’t understand that where all people and we deserve to be treated equally, but honestly what can you do? You can’t change everyone’s mind no matter how much you prove to them that treating people differently based of differences is wrong.

Answer #3

To bimjob, I thought about posting a thread titled “Who’s your favorite movie chick” heck even on of the other female members said it’s sexiest to let a women do and say certain things, that a male member would get in trouble for. By no means I’m I sexiest I’m all for women’s rights. Heck the person in question can afford to spend thousands of dollars on watches, I’ve seen the collection she post on wwur (what watch you wearing) If I were to say my house got robbed or that it cought fire no one would give a damn.

Answer #4

Dude, you are 24 and you don’t know this yet??? Women have worked this angle since forever, and we men have responded to it just as long. If you don’t want to dance The Dance, that is fine. Actually it is healthy - but will get you fewer dates. But did you ask “Who Is Your Favorite Movie Chick?” If you did and got a warning, THEN is the time to point out the difference in treatment. It would be very interesting to see the response to your objection. What ever you do, Take care and Good Luck!!

Answer #5

Welll if you’ve gotten something free too, than what’s the issue? You’re not getting as much free stuff as they are? It’s just jealousy it seems to me.

Answer #6

So what if I’m jealous, every one gets jealous. Would it be fair if they were men and kept on getting free stuff? No. Even one of the other members said in a post it’s not fair to be gifting someone gifts because of their sex. I’m not saying she did’nt deserve to get what shes got, but at the same time she does get special treatment. Come on you want proof, she posted a thread titled “Who’s your favorite Movie Hunk” ??? If it were me or one of the other male members who was to post something like “Who’s your favorite movie chick” it would pulled that person would get a warning because it’s sexiest.

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