How is texting while driving bad?

I want to know your opinions.

I think that if you have enough common sense and can multitask you SHOULD be aloud to text while driving.

I dont think that people like me, who have a full keyboard, can text without looking, only reads messages at red lights or during traffic, and pays FULL attention to the road at all times, should have to pay a fine because of others inability to do the above without killing themselves.

I dont agree that you should text randomly like ‘hey whats upp?!’ while driving, but if your having an important conversation it should be okay.

Anyways, what are your opinions on texting while driving or just texting itself?

Keep it civil :)

Answer #1

When you’re driving, you should be keeping pretty much your full attention on the road. When you text, you’re thinking about what to text, who you’re texting, what they wrote, what you’re texting and instructing your brain to text, on top of thinking about driving. It’s just really risky, because you’re distracted.

Answer #2

People seem to have a higher opinion of their own abilities to multi-task than logic allows…you have ONE nano second to save yourself or another person from tragedy even going going 30 mph…Would you read a book and drive?


Answer #3

What can be so important that you are willing to risk the lives of yourself and everyone around you? Thats part of whats wrong with this society, nobody stops to think about anyone but there selves. All you care about is the fact that you are so cool you can multitask WHO CARES are you so in demand that you cant wait untill you pull over or get to where your going to respond? GOD Grow up and stop being so completley unaware.

Answer #4

I didn’t even think of this while I was typing my responce but someone who I looked up to was killed by a driver who was texting.

Answer #5

Researched, not opinion:

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute released a study about this and it proved that the risk of getting into an accident increases 23 times while texting. That is pretty significant.

Over 100,000 Americans died in accidents relating to texting while driving, and millions more were injured.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that texting accounted for 80% of all crashes. …80%!

How could you even think for a minute that this is not a problem?

Answer #6

wrong, b/c most people will do this at the wrong time. there has been tests done on this subject and texting is 2 time more involving then just talking on a cell phone. why because you must think about spelling and typeing and driving. now I see how one may think at a stop you should check your texts b/c your not moving but you may just get caught up in the texting and not pay attn to car/people walking around. I lived across the street from my college and in just 9 months 6 people where killed by people who where not paying attn b/c of texting or cell use. and this in day light, so b/c the conversation is so important 6 people loss their lives. you have to understand that the fine is there to keep people who cant do this safely from trying it. if your conversation is so important then pull over. can finish it or take the bus/train/taxi then you can text away.

Answer #7

even if you are the chuck norris of multitasking I think all attention should be on the road our minds travel enough already during even the most mundane tasks

Answer #8

When you don’t look at the road for at least for one second,you could crash.Could happen even if it seems like it won’t.It may seem stupid,but why risk it?Text when you are out of the car.

Answer #9

Well Say You Know How To Muti Task But Others Around You Might Not :( Thts Why…And You May Think Its Cool I Can Txt Fast But A Crash Can Happen In A Blink Of An Eye…So Just Be Careful And Txt At Like A Red Light Or Something :) Better Safe Than Sorry

Hoped I Helped :)

Answer #10

I watched it a longgg time ago :) My opinion is still the same.

Answer #11

my best friend is EXTREMELY good at multitasking, and decided she could text while driving. she got in an accident, which scared the hell out of me, and she had her boyfriend in the car, too. Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.

so I don’t honestly think there is anything you could -need- to text for that is so important you can’t wait until you get out of your car. there is no text that is so important you have to put yourself in danger in order to answer it. so no, I don’t in any way think it is ok to text when you drive. I get pissed off when I see people texting when driving just because they think that they can’t possibly screw up. it’s just ignorance.

Answer #12

I don’t think it is a good idea, doesn’t matter how good you think you can multi task. I have a friend who could read, write, speak and text probably at the same time, but she crashed into someone while doing it. I do understand if it is an emergency, but there has to be a really good reason for someone to be doing that while driving.

Also your attention should be fully on the road and that is impossible when you are texting.

Answer #13

well my opinion is … when your driving your attention should be on the road,even if you can multi task driving is still dangerous because people can just walk out into the road knowing your driving in that direction.

its like when your calling and driving at the same time the same still applys to that. you concentrate on whats being said to you on the text/call and you focus on thinking what to say back to that person.

if its that important I would pull over or something :)

there is multiple distractions on the road so texting and driving I think is a big nooo.

Answer #14

Its not a good idea, you need full attention to the road ahead of you. Even if you can multi-task you still shouldn’t do it. They’re other people on the road that you have to watch out for and you can’t do that while your texting. Its much safer to wait till you can park your car to answer a text message or have the person that your driving with answer the text for you. Its not just about your safety its about the safety of the people that are driving around you and with you.

Answer #15

Even if you feel like you can multitask perfectly your still paying to much attention to your phone rather then the road. And in reply to your if it’s an important conversation I think it’s worse cause then you’d be paying more attention to the conversation then if it were just pointless banter. I used to text and drive and I was fine for years but I got to comfortable with it and almost crashed. So I highly recomend waiting to text for when your not behind the wheele of a 2 ton weapon.

Answer #16

texting behind the wheel=BOOOM!

Answer #17

since the ban I just ignore the blower while on the road.

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