How is swallowing cum good for you?

Cum is good for you to swallow cause it has lots of protein but what exactly is good about it like does it help your skin in some type of way???

A Girl Who Is Curious.

Answer #1

My boyfriend likes to ejaculate on my breast… I’m a 38D and he’s a titty man… He says its a big turn on for him although I cant see the reason why! He’s ejaculated in my mouth before but I’ve never noticed a change in my skin or teeth. Maybe I just don’t pay attention to a change in my skin or anything. But all in all I don’t see why cum is good or bad for you.

Answer #2

thegreatrooster you are a sick fucker you might as well eat your own shit while your at it

Answer #3

Men make up many different stories about why semen is good for you. They are all lies. They want you to swallow it because it turns them on to think of you as a porn star (they are generally fantasizing about porn stars while doing it to you). There are plenty of other ways to satisfy men without swallowing semen so if you don’t enjoy doing it, don’t do it. Don’t let boys talk you into it. They will beg, plead, and LIE to get what they want. Don’t trust them.

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Answer #5

omg god hl1974 you sound so immature and ignorant. Is is medically proven that spemen is good for both men and women but mostly woman because of there body type.

And this was proven not only by a male doctor but also female

gosh now I know why men with huge egos put women like you below them

Because of the crap that comes out your mouth

Answer #6

i hear it is… and it whittens your teeth.. ive never done it though.

Answer #7

C*m isn’t exactly good for you to swallow.

First of all it could contain STDs which we all know what that means.

It doesn’t whiten your teeth so don’t go brushing your teeth with semen(ick!)

A typical ejaculation fills up about one teaspoon; the actual amount is determined by a man’s age (younger men usually make more semen), when he last ejaculated, and how long he’s aroused before ejaculating, among other factors. Contrary to what you’ve heard, semen is not loaded with calories. Each teaspoon of ejaculate has about 5 - 7 calories and some 200 - 500 million sperm. Since sperm make up only about 1 percent of semen, what accounts for the other 99 percent? Well, its other ingredients include:

* Fructose sugar
* Water
* Ascorbic acid (a.k.a., vitamin C)
* Citric acid
* Enzymes
* Protein
* Phosphate and bicarbonate buffers (bases)
* Zinc

There’s not enough of any of these to be significant.. so no it’s not a lot of protein. (so don’t be whippin up semen protein shakes either!) It also won’t do anything for your skin. Semen isn’t good for you but it isn’t harmful either (assuming the guy is STD free.)

Answer #8

The most important thing you have all forgotten is that most woman swallow a guys ejaculate because they are deeply in love with the guy and this is just one of the many ways they prove it amongst many others and it is quite safe.

Answer #9

I’ve never spit cum in my life. For the people who say it makes you throw up, it’s because you’re boyfriend has bad habits that make his cum taste nasty. Like smoking, and drinking, and having too much soda.

As proof that cum is good for you though, My skin is clear, my teeth are white, and I’ve lost weight.

When I took a year of celebacy [no sex], I broke out, my teeth didn’t stay as white, and I gained about 25 lbs.

Then I started giving head again, and all of the good effects came back.

=] So go ahead, if you’re giving head. Just swallow it. Plus, as a perk.. he likes it. :D

Answer #10

ok I’ve never swallowed any in my life but im about 99% shure its not god for you it turns the guys on (I have no clue why ) but im shure thats the only good thing about it but one things for shure its a much faster way of being shure if the person has an std you now got it

Answer #11

Hello many of the female users of this website. It is absurd and extemely ignorant to base your answer of semen consumption off past experiences or by using sexist approaches. Semen does contain proteins, and also sugar,water,zinc,phosphates which is required in the human body to maintain health. Still consumption is never required only if the female partner is mentally week an is taken in by simple minded peer manipulation. But STD’s should be also tested for, before any kind of oral experiments. o and my alias is XZAY

Answer #12

I take my mans cum every day for the past 4 years and I love it. I have had clearer skin and whiter teeth ever since. I also have lost so much weight from when I started as it supressed my appetite!! how wud you NOT want these results?? anyone who has a negative attitude obviously has not tried it long enough and has a very immature approach to such a beautiful part of sex!!

Answer #13

I cant believe people are ACTUALLY debating whether or not swallowing cum is good for you…


Answer #14

Of course it’ GREAT for you, I’ve done it to 3 extreamlu clean an std free guys since I WAS 14. aN AM NOW 23.

Answer #15

a phd from oxford specilising in fertility told me that not only is it quite healthy to be ingesting of your lovers semen… it also has benefits to your child- should you be pregnant… continued comsumtion of sperm will lead to your child being more healthy- with a better developed immune system- and even a more developed brain… sperm contains all the basic building blocks for life- doesn’t it make sense that swallowing would give your child direct access to those building blocks? why wouldnt you want to give your baby more of a chance?

Answer #16

Thanx antoninap: u helped me out. i need ta whiten my teeth.(LOL)

Answer #17

it prevents breast cancer :)

Answer #18

I think its the grossest thing ever.. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years and he is always trying to get me to do it.. so I tried it and just as quick as it got in my mouth it can right back out… Is it weird that it literaly makes me throw up… I don’t know many women or girls would think it tastes that bad..Any advice on different ways I can get my boyfriend to forget about swallowing.. :(

Answer #19

“I have seen this happen many times to both female and gay curious males who didn’t quite know what they were doing.” Im 100 percent sure you haven’t since there isn’t anywhere near enough to get pneumonia and it couldn’t “seep” into your lungs without you coughing it back up

If you have any sort of brain then try inhaling water without coughing, unless you’re trying to drown yourself then you will cough up any moisture that goes down the wrong way

Answer #20

a) im a completly acne free 14 yearoLd an not many people can say that b) I get daily comments on my pearly whites c) I’ve n3ver gone over th 98lbs mark since I started swallowin… keep in mind im really short… and not anorexic

unfourtunately I have recently broke my jaw and am shze out of luckk

Answer #21

I am a gay guy.. And find the that idea pretty weird! It grosses me out! But I’ve read tho.. If your trying to fall pregnant, girls, it may just help prevent your body from expell ing the baby.. Ingesting it, adjusts the woman’s body to the man’s type of protein.. Since foreign proteins are often seen as invaders.

Answer #22

I got it in my eye once and it stung so bad, one eye remained irritated and shut the whole night. No that can’t be good. It tastes sooo gross too, some landed on my lip once.

Answer #23

I got it in a girls eye by accident… felt kinda bad ooops I missed

Answer #24

always select a healthy subject. Select someone with positive thoughts. You are what you eat!

Answer #25

“I don’t think it’s goood for you, if you swallow too much you have to get your stomach pumped at the hospital” So is anything if you eat/drink too much A glass of wine a day is healthy, but a bottle isn’t Chocolate is good in small doses too as eerything in life

Answer #26

oh. my. god. people are so ignorant. especially hl1974. that very well might be the most negative outlook on men that I’ve ever heard of in my life. im glad I’ve got someone whos obviously very intelligent telling me that men are evil and should never be trusted, otherwise I might never know for myself. thank you so much! =) as for those of you who cant even spell, you have no purpose even answering an educated question anyway. and for those of you who think its icky and gross/are 14 years old, shut up. also, if you are eating cum to help you lose weight, I pray that you dont die because there is nowhere even close to enough nutritional value to semen to make it life sustaining, YOU STILL NEED TO EAT! semen is good for you, but more or less infinitesimally due to the fact that a guys load is only about a teaspoon on average depending on variables such as age, amount of stimulation prior to ejaculating, etc. obviously if the man is infected with an std/sti (or youre unsure if he is), then use some common sense, dont give him head or youre gonna catch that s!%$. as for taste, its been shown that fruits (especially pineapple) will greatly help sweeten it, but all in all, im going to go out on a limb and say that a lot of the good/bad taste is in your head. if you dont want to be doing it for him and youre not enjoying it then of course youre going to not like the taste; if youre really into it though, and want to do it because its something he enjoys and it makes you happy to make him happy (and hopefully vice versa if youre with the right guy), the taste probably wont matter as much, if not change your entire perception of whether it tastes good or bad. in terms of complexion im not so confident, but I can make an educated guess that it would have different effects on different people depending on the sensitivity of their skin and other factors (and some people can actually be allergic to it). as for me, it seems to make my skin minutely smoother/softer, at least until the next time I shower =) I hope we can all learn something from this, or I will feel like I’ve wasted my time. and if not, then at least we have the information provided to us by people like hl1974 to fall back on. rainonme, I hope your eye feels better.

Answer #27

a phd from oxford specilising in fertility told me that not only is it quite healthy to be consuming your lovers sperm… if you are pregnant- you are providing your child with all the basic building blocks of life- continued consumption throughout your pregnancy will decrease the chance of birth defects and complications such as down syndrome- but your child will also be healthier- have a better developed immune system and may even be more intelligent! why in gods green earth would you want to deprave your child of such an oportunity?

Answer #28

There was an experiment shown on the BBC about 3 years ago where they tested the rate of misscarriage in couples that regularly did it and couples that didn’t. Remarkably the couples that did regularly had about half as many misscariages. I believe the experiment was conducted by the countries leading fertility expert.

Though that said I wouldn’t have thought it would have as much affect as giving up smoking/drinking during pregnancy. EVERY woman should do that, but sadly many don’t.

Lastly I’m a guy, I recommend you don’t fall for any bulls**t lines about you needing it in your diet. I’ve heard of guys trying that on vegetarians and stuff.

That said, it is a massive turn on, getting oral sex is amazing since your tongue and back of your mouth create a very different feel to vaginal sex (though both are great). For the person giving oral; I’ve been told that its quite reassuring and almost comforting to have your lovers penis in your mouth, it also brings you as close as you possibly can be to the organ which dominates the lust they feel towards you. I guess this could be gratifying or degrading depending on which way you look at it, but if you don’t like the fact that he lusts after you why are you with him?

I will say that don’t do it until your ready and make sure he hasn’t got anything (same as before he even takes it near your vagina). But for those of you that never have I suggest you give it a go, and for those of you that have tried and didn’t like it I suggest you try a different position; there are lots of different ways to do it and they give a different sensation (some women don’t like semen hitting the back or roof of their mouths).

Answer #29

I dont know it if it actually makes a difference for your skin or teeth but I recently started doing it when I go down on my boyfriend just cause I didnt wanna find something or get up to spit it out. Yeah, the taste isnt that great and it’s kinda thick, but if you just do it and not think about it, its whatever. Youll get used to it.

Answer #30

Pretty sure cum is not mucus other wise you couldn’t get babies from it. I also don’t believe that it makes your teeth whiter or some chemist some where would’ve already figured that out and concentrated the chemical in cum to sell for teeth whitening procedures. The skin softening thing I have never even heard of. However I do believe that it curbs your hunger as I found it out quite by accident.

My boyfriend of 6 years and I were making love one morning and he wanted to finish in my mouth so I said sure and I swallowed it. Once we were done I got up took shower and got ready for work, I had to be there for 8a. I was running late and hadn’t had time for breakfast I didn’t realize I wasn’t hungry until around 10a and then I sat there completely puzzled because I couldn’t understand why as I hadn’t had my Red Bull or Monster or Starbucks which normally curbs my appetite in the morning, I hadn’t even drank any water until I remembered he only thing I had swalled that morning was his cum. I was hungry till almost noon when I normally had lunch. I thought it was a fluke so I tried 2 more times just to be sure ( you can imagine my boyfriend was only too happy to help me conduct my experiment) so it actually does work, but I don’t recommend swalling cum on a consistent basis or running around giving every guy you meet a blow job as part of your weight loss program either. But it does work

Answer #31

Is swallowing male cum good for you….?

Swallowing male cum has it’s good points, as well as it’s bad points, however, the bad points can be very devastating.

  1. If your male partner has any type of S.T.D. (s), your in big trouble, and the side effects can be very painful, and in some cases it can remain with you your entire life. So before proceeding with the swallowing part, ask yourself one question: “ Is It Worth The Risk “….? So if you don’t know to much about your male partner, and you don’t know who his Willy has visited last, then go to the closet and bring out the Hover, and if he’s not content with that, then throw him a jar of lube, a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, or a box of tissues and tell him to go for it.

  2. If you don’t want to, or you don’t know how to swallow, in other words, your not really into swallowing, and there may be some hesitation in trying to swallow your male partners cum, then it is possible that some seepage might enter the bronchial passage, and if your body does not reject and discharge it, then it will lie in said passage and begin decay, which if your anti-bodies are not up to date, it could make you very sick with very serious bronchial infections that could follow. It could also lead to contracting pneumonia, along with a few other un-wanted medical issues. I have seen this happen many times to both female and gay curious males who didn’t quite know what they were doing.

  3. There are some medical professionals who claim that cum (Semen) holds healthy beneficial values, and some who say it holds some medical values, but their findings are still on the drawing board, and have yet to be proven to be a 100% fact, however, let’s say their right, your consumption of it would have to be greater or equal to your bodies demands in order to brake it down, and separate the beneficial elements (valued properties) of the swallowed male cum. With the percentage factor of 1-1 ½ tsp. of male cum per ejaculation, the values of any beneficial elements would be so low that your digestive track would quickly burn it up and discard it before your body could actually brake it down to a beneficial value. That means you would have to consume no less then 3, up to 10 or more ejaculations per day just to benefit from any values if any.

  4. Swallowing your male partners cum should be your decision and your choice, not by the request or demand of your male partner (s). If your male partner gets upset with you, or he becomes judgmental of you because you don’t want to or say no to his demand or request, then he is acting on his own selfish desires, and is not worthy of such a gift. He should be happy of just being with you, being close to you, and that you were willing to go as far as you did. Anything other then that means that he is not interested in you as a whole, but only what he can get you to do for him.


Answer #32

“I suggest that all those males who think it’s such a good idea begin ejaculating and swallowing as much as they possibly can each day. Just to improve their health, you know?” lol

All the doubters, it IS good for you, it doesn’t make a huge difference but it does definitely have benefits if it isn’t loaded with diseases and sti’s

And it doesn’t whiten your teeth, that one really is a rumour

Answer #33

I had been trying to get my girl to do it for a while. it makes me feel better about myself when she takes the cum in her mouth, or at least on her, seeing as how we dont use condoms and we arent on birth control I have to pull out. in the beginning she tasted it and said it was nasty then I tried somethin new a lil smoothie recipe: banana,pinapple,peaches,strawberries,powdered sugar, orange juice, and ice blend it up and your in the money I drink that three to four times a week and my girl can swallow now swallow with ease she said its pretty good and she wouldnt do it if she didnt like it she already made that clear so try it : )

Answer #34

Just make sure your man eats your cumm too…or there’s nothing good for you (:-)

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