How is it bad to watch porn when your 14?

Is it a bad thing to watch porn on the internet when your 14? Cause im 14 and watch porn but I dont know if I should or not.

Answer #1

its not bad…and you don’t have to wait until your 21 all you have to do is one click saying your 18 and your fine.

Answer #2

I dont think its bad until you get caught, so dont its a lot of fun when your bord lol

Answer #3

I dont find it bad, Im 14 and I do the same thing…

Answer #4

nah its good, dont get caught. its a good way to find stuff out haha

Answer #5

No the first comment was wrong they won’t arrest you for watching porn. they just say you have to be 18 or older cause they don’t want kids watching it

Answer #6

no you shouldn’t because it makes you want to do it with someone and then you will get preggo and its bad to watch so you shouldn’t

Answer #7

if you shouldn’t get caught then why do it? come on it’s soo stupid get a life.. you know whats right and wrong and if your asking that question you know it’s maybe you should ask yourself that..if its something that you do a lot and it’s just your personality I understand but if you get caught your asss is grass ha so just b careful whatever you do..because if your parents or guardians find out and they are protective they will put you in all the counsling crap because they think something is wrong with ya just be mature bout it…good luck makin your decision

Answer #8

not cool!!It is illegal!You HAVE to be 21 or older!I got caught,it was just my step-dad but it could have been the cops.They will arrest you because on most porn sites they have this trcker thing and if they find out you are just 14,they WILL arrest step-dad told me this and I was scared.JAIL!!!The slammer,the big house,icebox, etc…

Answer #9

Come on you guys. Really? I’m not saying you shoodnt have fun, but if your watching something your rents woodnt exactly watch with u, I woodnt do it. Plus, if you first start with porn,what other bad habits could you get into-drugs, alcohol, shoplifting, ect… you may think I’m a goodAss but believe me I’m not.just find something else to do with your time. Honestly, knowing that people I no watch porn is a total turnoff for me. I mean obviously people do it, but I don’t believe in it. Just think about the dudes/chics who are posing? It’s being disrespectful to show off their body likethat, and by you watching it just encourages it. I know your only 14, but come on-GROW UP

Answer #10

I don’t think it’s a bad thing. lots of things we do are illegal, like download music and movies, speed and drink underage. it doesn’t mean its that bad of a thing. if you like to watch porn, then do it. just make sure you don’t obsess over it, don’t make it too much of a habit and don’t get caught. delete your history every time you watch it. it’s not even a big deal at all.

Answer #11

Physically and mentally it will not harm you. It’s absolutely natural, you won’t get furry palms and unlike fau said, it won’t lead to drugs. You could be 73 and watch porn because everyone does it. If you do get caught, don’t worry, if your parents are halfway normal they will understand. However it is illegal. Hacker tip - Using a Proxy server masks any proof of you being to any website by not allowing cookies and blocking traces..

Answer #12

I see that people put “it doesn’t make you start drugs.” But I know plp who started out like that and got into drugs..if you go on and hack into it and lie they can and will haunt you down and take you to jail..come on its commom sense guys…

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