How hard is it to work in the adult film industry?

I was just curious on the competition and job openings of the adult film industry. Is it hard to get a job in it?

Answer #1

well like I said, maybe when im 18 but I have 2 years for that and in europe its no big deal if your in porn or not its like americans put it up on some high pedestal its just sex and its just a job

Answer #2

thats your opinion!!! I wouldnt do it unles I liked it and I do like it so I would! hell ya. and for it following me in the past I relly dont care. its not like im guna be famous. ya mayybe it can be degrading but thats a turn on. and that s only a type of porn they have all kinds like doma matrix haha w/e you know like women impowerment but I dont like thatt im am hella guna do porn one time in my life. whatever makes you happy is what I believe. and when my kids look at what I did when were watching home movies theyll be like dayumm my mom was hot!! joke bout that one… lol any ways I think, foxxy, if youre thinkin bout doin porn then that means you enjoy it and you shud do what you enjoy and not let people like laura get in your way!!! peace.

Answer #3

I think it’s just a job. Like everybody else that either works in an office or somewhere else. If you do or don’t want to do it, that’s up to you. It’s everyone’s personal choice. I think you just have to be careful and get a good agent. Besides, you said adult film not really porn. Adult film can be other things too. You don’t necessarily have to have intercourse or give oral sex. Everybody should respect one another here and not judge or insult. This is called Fun Advice. You give advice, not criticism.

Answer #4

okay, you do what you want to do! im done arguing with 16 year olds over why porn is not an appropriate road to go down in life.

Answer #5

I dont think shes a wh0re. Thats a strong word. But there are other options. Why dont you just get a sugar daddy (rich boyfriend.) That way you dont limit your career options later in life and still get your money. Whatever you do, just make sure you and the people you associate urself will respect you.

Answer #6

no im glad someone thinks its cool! I wasn’t thinking about doing it underage MAYBE when im 18, but im not sure… I was just curious and I can act and im not sure if im comfortable enough to do it, but maybe after I lose like three more pounds and im on something

Answer #7

who ever said I wanted to do it? I was CURIOUS im not comfortable enough to do that you shouldn’t be critical about people’s way of life either maybe you don’t agree with it but a lot of others do I think thats very disrespectful

Answer #8

you say ‘us’ americans put in on a high pedestal and its just sex& a job .. sex with a lot of random people is dirty. sucking random guys d.cks is even more dirty. im just stating the truth. and nerd, just look at your name, NERDD!! and these people do have a lot to learn. learn some tolerance? I have plenty. and im going very very far in life and im only 19 so shut it! what do you know?

Answer #9

Legit porn won’t talk to you unless you are of age. If you are a good looking young woman, there are agents that will handle you. Men do not get into the regular porn business unless they go in with a girl that takes them in. (There are too many available, and viewers of straight porn watch the girls. The men are mostly props.) Single men can get into gay porn and maybe cross over after a while.

And realize that what ever you put on the screen/internet will ALWAYS be out there. Future bosses, family, kids, mother-in-laws can see it.

Answer #10

I hella want to do that!im guna do sum reasearch rite now. Since your not 18 were you thinking bout doin it underaged? because I am imm sure there wud be mannyy places who wud hire girls as long as your cute/ or watever they looking for. I don’t know it also depends were you live I live in california sanfransisco area .. im guna look there… theres got to be sum place hha but ya. I just don’t wana get raped and all that… but it seems so much funn I love porn + money so why not? I know im not that much help but I just had to put in my 2 cents!! good luckk

Answer #11

adult film, as in porn? um, unless you want that sh!t to follow you for the rest of your life, and if and when you have kids one day your not worried about them seeing their mother being a wh0re, go for it! but dont be a nasty b.tch. have self respect! yea its good money, but not worth it in the long run!

Answer #12

yeah thats true im tired of arguing with sheltered 19 year olds about how a everyone lives a different way of life and tolerance is essential to understanding it

Answer #13

I don’t understand how its dirty so its having fun and getting paid how is having sex with a bunch of guys screened for STD’s before hand dirty?

Answer #14

well I imagine it wouldnt be to hard because I bet theres always some director looking for some one new. Plus with how gorgeous you are I bet it would be easy

Answer #15

if your not comfortable enough to do it then dont. im not tryna be a b.tch but it is what it is. that sht is degrating. and what I said isnt disrespectful its the truth. I think people who do sht like that are disrespecting themselves. girl your not even 18! why dont you try and get into modeling .. lingerie modeling .. or even nude modeling. but not porn!

Answer #16

“haha yall got a lot to learn.”
That is a mouthful Laura. You just turned 18. Where did you get these vast amounts of knowledge? Learn some tolerance and you will go a lot farther in life.

Answer #17

sheltered? sorry my life dreams aren’t to be a world known wh0re like you sweetie

Answer #18

and I guess the whole things just a perspective issue

Answer #19

Oh, nevermind. You are right. I’m dumb. Go on with your brilliant self.

Answer #20

DEGRADING is a turn on? you little girls are really somethin else these days! haha yall got a lot to learn.

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