How good is the professional football team in Barcelona Spain?

My in laws got my kids some ‘official jerseys’ of the Barcelona football team. I was wondering: are they any good? (Yes, I’m using the term football, even though I’m American and we say soccer, etc).

Answer #1

At present Barcelona is the worlds best football club , boasting 6 trophies in 1 single year and the worlds best players in argentine Lionel Messi and Spanish Xavi Hernandez .

Answer #2

Barcelona are brilliant and play beautiful football. Fast attacking football, flowing fluid movement between the players, the motion of the team almost telepathic between the players. And, believe it or not, this is not exaggerated. Football geniuses like Henry, Messi and Ibrahimovic who can pull a goal out of literally nowhere. Midfield meistros Xavi, Iniesta who could pick a pass out anywhere on the pitch provide the craft. The bullish Keita and Yaya Toure are the graft who are box to box bullish players, battling for the ball and starting a movement.

Then the defence with proven battling players like Puyol and Zambrotta and a great keeper in Valdes. But it gets better, the youngsters in the team are time to time keeping the superstars out. Players like Bojan, Pedrito and Thiago are showing that the future will get even better and that total domination of all 5 cups (Spanish league, spanish cup, world club cup, champions league and the other spanish cup) is not far from being achieved.

Personally if I could have one wish for them, it would be for Ronaldinho to be a part of the team again, because even when he was supposedly “off form” in his final season, he has come back from injury and was still providing the assissts and the goals.

You should try and catch their football match this saturday or sunday against Real Madrid, who are the other HUGE football team in spain who have superstars like ronaldo, kaka, raul etc. The brilliance and hype of the match would make it a true spectacle even to you Americans, I bet most of football fans in Europe will be watching the match and most the Chinese, so should be a hugely covered game and one I am looking forward to!

Answer #3


Barcelona is one of the top clubs of Spain. They are qualify for All-European Championship ‘UEFA-Cup’ regularly. Several placers from Barcelona are in the Spanish national team. Being a Barca fan is definitely not embarrassing.

If you plan on travelling to Europe, be careful. Somebody might think you’re really fans and will want to discuss the latest match. It will then embarass you if you don’t even know the top players names. European football fans can be very… fanatic in their fandom. Bumping into a group of fans of the rival club might make them use swearwords at you - and you will not even know what’s going on.

Answer #4

aye they are pretty good. ronaldhineo (or however you pronouce it) is exeptional

Answer #5

Fruitylicious, the world cup is played by the national teams. a single club can’t get into that tournament. it’s like olympia.

The national trainer picks the best players with that nationality and borrows them from their clubs for the duration of the world cup. A Spanish club can also hire a French or a British player. The Spanish national team can’t have a French player.

Answer #6

they are champions of europe and play the best football in the world and have the worlds greaest player (messi) theyre not as good as chelsea though :P

Answer #7
  • aye they are pretty good. ronaldhineo (or however you pronouce it) is exeptional

That’s funny because he hasn’t played for them in almost 2 years.

Barcelona is widely regarded as the best and most exciting team in the world. Nuff said.

Im not a barca fan by the way, see my profile pic.

Answer #8

Currently the best team in the world but can they take out the world cup in 2010??…lol, you called the football shirts jerseys.

Answer #9

they are an exceptional team

Answer #10

Well what I know so far,their are very very very very good,excellent in their team.

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