How far will my parakeet fly

My parakeet got out my back door and I can't find him. I whistle and I put his cage outside but nothing. Will I find him or is he too far from my home?

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I had a parrot for many years. He slept at the head of my bed at night. Rode on my shoulder. Spent most of his time outside of his cage.

One day the little bugger flew up a tree and we waited for him to come down. He never did. He tasted freedom, and he wanted it.

I still miss Beaky, and will never forget him, but I know in my heart that Beaky is enjoying himself somewhere up a tree.

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let's see. first off I think owning a bird is cruel and people shouldn't do it and here is the reason why. you take something wild out of its natural habitat (the sky) and try to domesticate it by putting it into a little tiny house (it's cage) and think that it makes a pretty housepet. unless that thing really loves you it probably won't ever come back. it MIGHT if it treats your home like its return for when its migratory cycle happens. but if you don't see it again then here's your heads up

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its hard to say
if you have a strong bond with him, hell probably come back
but he could also just wanted to fly away
they can travel pretty far
he'll either stay around your house or wander further from it
if he cant find food orr doesnt know how to get it himself hell probably come back to
but its not possible to tell
youll just have to wait and see, but keep an eye out for him

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