How expensive is platos closet?

is Platos closet expensive? I need some new shirts, but I only have 20$ to spend.

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you could even go to a rue21,wetseal, or old navy and look in their clearance sections and you can find shirts for as low as $2! they are brand new and come in all different sizes unlike platos closet.

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They aren't expensive at all! You can get some great finds with 20 bucks. I got a tank top from Hollister for like $4. And my mom's friend bought me a real Coach purse there. I don't know how much it was exactly but around $25. and like justinbieberfan said, make sure you check out the items you plan on buying first. I got a sweatshirt and when I got home, I noticed there was a blue stain on the drawstring.

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its pretty cheap ull probly get to or three iteams out of it. the problem is there is sooo many clotess its hard to find somthing good. make sure you inspect it before buying since its beenn worn before. make sure there are no sweat stains or anything like that.

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yeahh its not expensive, my friend and I saw these hollister jeans that usually cost $80, but were $18 there. I can get an aero shirt for like $2

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no not really I think it depends 0n the brand bt the price is usualy 8 to 20 d0llars

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i got a Nollie hoodie thats origionaly 40$ for 12$ their.

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