How does this feel to a guy?

Ok so I just wanna know how if this feels good to a guy.
Me and my boyfriend were getting really horny the other day so he started dry humping me,which felt awesome to me. The he lifted me up around his waist and kept humping...I came prbly around 4 times. Then he put me down and started humping me from behind...which did nothing for me. But I guess it felt good to him?
I wanna know whats so special about dry humping from how does that make guys feel?

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is like the postion from behind it feels great to us when shes in front . put your self in our shoes.

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well he was probably imagining you without clothes and as we all know, guys like anal, believe it or not. No matter how nasty they say they think it is.

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Well if you mean he was dry humping you around your ass. Then the feel on the fabric and the round area deffinitely could give him pleasure...

Someitmes i'm almost going to cum while masturbating and watching porn so i stop awfully late then i might or might not put my pants back on and just watchin the porn or the feel of the fabric canmake me Cum.

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