How does the Samsung Intensity work?

My parents got me a cell phone for an early birthday present. It’s a Verizon Samsung Intensity. This is my first cell phone, so I’m just a little lost. My phone has texting, my parents’ cell phones don’t. The guy who sold my parents the phone told them they could “spy” on me by seeing how many minutes I use and stuff. Can they see how I call/text and who calls/texts me? Do they just see the number or the person’s name? How do they check minutes? They said I have unlimited texting/calling to Verizon users and then I think 500 minutes for people outside my network. They said that I have free weekends that starts Fridays at 9:00pm and lasts until Mondays at 6:00am. Does that mean I can call/text outside my network without it costing me minutes?

What if someone from a different network calls or texts me? Does that still take my minutes, or does it just take theirs? Or does it take from both of our minutes.

I have been texting 2 people who also have verizon. This hasn’t been costing me any minutes since we all 3 are on the same network, right?

I seen a commerical on TV about a Sprint plan. It featured unlimited texting/calling to any network. Would that have been better for us to go with?

Can we upgrade our plan so that I can have unlimited texting/calling ouside of our network? About how much do you suppose that sort of upgrade would cost? I’m asking that because my parents pay the cell phone bills, not me.

It’s also a picture phone. If I were to upload some pics online, would my parents know that I did? I’m not asking this because I’m planning to uploade nudes or something, I’d NEVER do that because that’s just wrong… I’m just asking so I know. And would it cost any money to upload pics from a cell phone to a social networking site? If so, how much?

Is there anything else I need to know? Sorry for all the questions and if I sound stupid, but as I said, this is my first cell phone. I want to make sure I don’t go over my minutes because my parents, especially my dad, would be really mad. My dad would probably make me get rid of my phone even if it only happened once.

Answer #1

Okay this is how it works— No they cannot see who texts you unless you show them. ya your parents would no what you did because it shows up on the bill yes you can have unlimited texting for only 20.00 (verizon wireless)

Answer #2

They say you can access text messaging and calling on the Verizon web site and view it. My mom could only find the calling. We still haven’t found the text messages, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. They can check how many messages and minutes you have sent/used online or on your phone through My Verizon, which doesn’t charge you for airtime. The free weekends and night calling is when you can call outside of your network and not be charged. I’m not sure about other networks calling you, but you are charged for recieved texts. You can call/text anyone on Verizon for free. If you want to switch providers, consider what kind of service you get where you live. You can upgrade to unlimited texting; I believe it’s around 30 dollars for everyone. I don’t believe your parents will know if you download pics online, you could send it to your e-mail. If there is a way to view your texts online, then that photo will probably show up if you do it that way though. And it is free to send photos to like Facebook. If you have picture messaging on your phone. You’ll have to sign up throught Facebook (or other sites) with your phone to do so. Other than that I think your good. Have fun :)

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