How does a snow plough driver get to work?

Just a random question I find amusing, The snow plough driver helps us along with are day whether that be clearing the roads so we can get to college or work. But how does the snow plough driver get to work? The roads aren't ploughed for him?

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He has his snow plow sitting in his front yard or someone with the snow plow comes to pick him up or he might have a personal truck with 4 wheel drive.

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Yeah I know, I just find the question rather amusing :)

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For small amounts of snow like say, anything below 10-15cm I shovel it all to the middle, then do several short passes with the snow blower to throw it in the yard. For more snow, I just do the entire driveway in normal strips, starting from the street, then backing the machine up to do next strip, and so on. If the road has not been plowed yet I usually do a good part of the road if I feel like it, so when the plow does go by I won't have as much of a snow bank to clear. Ex: if it passes overnight and I need to get up early.

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