How does a girl masterbate?

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its basically sexing yourself...fingering yourself is the most common way... just find something that feels really good. (ex.-dry humping a pillow, take an electric toothbrush and rub around your pussy, put p.b. on your pussy and have your dog lick it off.)ive never tried the last one.

What are some ways girls can masterbate?
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First of all, masturbation is often thought of as more of a physical action, but it is just as much a mental action. To get the best orgasm, it starts with putting your mind into a place that makes you feel aroused. That can be anything from thinking about a sexy guy, to kinky things, what ever it is that turns you on. As you really start going over that in your mind, you can then start the physical actions of stimulating yourself. This can be done in many ways, and again, its whatever makes you feel that wonderful feeling. Most girls prefer to use a toy, but some, like myself just use fingers. If you don't mind getting a pair of your underwear dirty, then wear a pair while you are masturbating. Rub through your underwear and the material gives some extra feel to the rub and for me, gets me going faster. To bust the feeling, pee a bit in your underwear to give some extra moisture. Another benefit to masturbating in your underwear is if you squirt, then most of it will stay inside and not spray all over your walls, haha lol! Enjoy !

Girl masterbation
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Try putting 2 fingers in you V*****. Go to your g spot and start making a come here motion. Start contracting you muscles around that area while doing that. That should give you an orgasm.

Ways for girls to masterbate

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