How do you write a love letter?

What is the ideal love letter made of? should it be long or short…How should it be worded…

Answer #1

I happen to be an expert on the subject (of love), and I’d have to say that it really depends on what stage of a relationship your in. How long have you known the person? Are you already a “couple”, or are you writing this letter to express your interest in a person who may not know that you like them? I guess it must be a new relationship or a soon to be relationship since, if you were together for a year or more, for example, you would probably already have a good idea of what to write to the person. So if it’s your first letter to this person or your first expression of your feelings toward this person, then it still depends on how deep your feelings actually are and how much of your feelings you want to reveal to this person. If you are head over heels in love with this person and you want to let that person know this, then you might start off by saying, for example, “Justin, it’s really hard to explain these feelings that I have whenever I see you or think about you.” (you want to be a little careful these days not to sound like a psycho or a stalker, but don’t let that scare you out of expressing your feelings. Trust me you will feel so much better once you get it out, but just don’t lay it on TOO heavy, you know what I mean?) you might continue with: “I never thought I would meet someone as perfect for me as you, but when you came into my life, I thought to myself “maybe there is someone for me. I just love the way you {insert action here, such as “open the door for me like a true gentleman/ say such nice things to me about my hair and makeup/ hold my hair back for me when I’m drunk and puking in the toilet}. You are like noone else I’ve ever met in my life. You’re AMAZING!” The letter should be at least a full page. front and back is ok. more than one page front and back should be reserved for a relationship that has been going on for at least a month or two, but there are always exceptions depending on how much you really have to say. Basically, you need to “speak from the heart” and that should work just fine. But there’s no shame in borrowing from a poem or a movie line or something you just read in my response, JUST AS LONG AS THE OTHER PERSON DOESNT’ FIND OUT ABOUT IT! Is this lying? Well, maybe. But some people might say that every good long lasting relationship is based on a very efficiently coordinated series of lies. As bad as that sounds, let me explain this a bit further: If my girlfriend and I are walking through town and a really beautiful woman walks by and my girl asks me “Do you think she has a cuter butt than me?” I have no choice but to lie my “butt” off. I might say,”Well it’s alright, but I like your’s much better!” at which point I would further enhance my opinion by grabbing her buttcheeck and kissing her on the “face”cheek. Or, if my girlfriend enthusiasticly tries on a shirt that she obviously is in love with and has a huge grin on her face and asks me if it looks good on her, once again, it DOESNT MATTER what I really think about it, she loves it, so I’m going to tell her that it looks fan-friggin-tastic (and another kiss on the cheek) because that will make her day and that makes it all worth it to me to see that smile on her face. Now of course, if the shirt really is hideous and theres no hiding it, I might say something like, “well honey I thought you wanted to get that purse over there, and that shirt doesn’t really match your beautiful eyes good enough”. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone lying about important things and I don’t condone cheating in any way. But those little itty bitty lies are what constructs great relationships. So, if you need to “borrow” a line or two because you find that it represents your TRUE feelings, then it’s ok. Just start writing, and your feelings will begin to flow forth from your heart, down your arm, and through your pen. or pencil. or keyboard. GOOD LUCK, I’m sure whoever the lucky guy (or gal) is, he will absolutely love your letter. Justin

Answer #2

Thanks for your advise…

Answer #3

A love letter shoud say what you feel for the person that you are sending it to.

Answer #4

Just tell her personally. It is much better.

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