how do you use an ouija board and is it safe?

how do you make an ouija board?

is an ouija board safe?

how do you use one?

Answer #1

more answers please x

Answer #2

you put 3 fingers on it and ask a question. it is safe usually people just move it by what they want the answer to be. But go ahead just have a little fun with it.

Answer #3

I personally wouldnt because that stuff freaks me out. I did the live seance when derren brown did it on tv and apparently its just your sub concious that makes you move the glass without realising it, still creepy tho. try searching for derren brown live seance on youtube because he shows you had to do it.

Answer #4

hi do you have msn, id like to ask you some questions about it because me and my friend are thinking about trying it and we need to know what to do and not muck up,send me your msn in a message please, if possible x

Answer #5

Whatever you do, if you are strong in religion, do not do it. My brothers friends mom did it one time and got a bunch of negative reponses and she got scared so they closed the seance, if thats what you would like to call it, and she had dreams about it and it was freaking her out. When she woke up, she went into the kitchen, and it was on the counter, very near where she and a couple of friends had done it. But specificly remembered putting it in the closet. She freaked out again and put it back in the closet. Later on that day it came on the counter again. She lives alone so no one was tricking her. She called a couple of friends and they came over to her house and decided they should burn it. So they did. She was okay, but the next morning, it was on the counter once again. Freaky, yeah I know. She finally called a minister and he came over to check it out. He said that it was possible that the ghost, if thats what you believe to call it, was trying to tell her things and she was scared so she ignored it, makeing the ghost mad. Finally they ended up opening the seance again to see what happend. She, the minister and the friends that were with her were called back, to do it over. The minister said her friends where needed because it may have been angrey with the others too. They came and he blessed them all with the oil and they began a new seance, not needing the board, but just to call the spirits to the circle. It did not go well. While the minister was using her as a median and they were in the middle of the seance, she screamed and fell limp. They all rushed to her breaking the circle and ending the seance, but not before he had closed it sending back the spirit. The spirit is still in the house today, she ended having to move and sell her house all because that one night they decided to use the board. You can believe me or not, but I’m telling you, the more religious you are, the worse it will be. Even if you are not religious, this could still happen to you, just as serious as it happend to her. Use the board, and you can see this, but I’ve told you my story. You have been warned.

Answer #6

I used a quija board all the time when I was a kid. I was kind of raised on it. Haha. I don’t believe quija boards are unsafe, you just need to know how to say goodbye so the ghosts (or whatever you want to believe it is) leaves. Sometimes you get negative responses, and just know you have to say goodbye to whatever it is if it starts to bother you. But I’ve had many wonderful experiences with quija boards, like talking to ghosts (or whatever you want to believe) that remember when they died and tell me how their life was, so I learn a bit about history. Haha. So I believe it is safe. I’ve never had any troubles with it, and I used it VERY OFTEN, like almost everyday when I was younger. I was hooked on it, I loved it! And I was very young, like from age 5 to 12 years old. Then I no longer used it, but I’ve actually tried again just lately and it didn’t exactly work, but it’s probably because I stopped believing in ghosts (kind of dumb, right). Anyway, all you have to do is put a few fingers on the planchette (the thing with the hole in the middle to see the letter) then ask a question, and concentrate. After a while you will feel the planchette try to move, so help it a little bit, and it should form a word. If the quija board doesn’t work the first few times, keep trying. Some people naturally are better than this than others. But of course, if you believe nothing with happen, then most likely nothing will.

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