How do you put music from your Ipod onto your computer?

I’ve tried every way I can think, and I know there is a way, I’ve just got NO idea what it is. Hm Help?

Answer #1

Apple and Mac are B*&#!’s when it comes to allowing you to play or transfer music to any other program or attempt to rip the music onto a CD. That would be bad for business for them. They store the files in encrypted MP4 files that can only be accessed through QuickTime or by using Itunes. You can build a library with Itunes on your computer then transfer them to your Ipod, but going in the other direction doesn’t really work. Mac and Apple have been trying to capitalize on a generation of computer-illiterates as you might have seen on their “I’m a MAC” TV commercials (in this example we see that only “cool” young people use macs and old geeks use PC’s). The inability to transfer the music freely has me giving my Ipod loving friends the big “I told you so”, and a whole lot of people going back to good old fashion pirating and “illegal” downloads with P2P programs like bittorrent and limewire.

The good news is that once your battery in your ipod dies (they last up to a few years statistically) you just throw out the Ipod and buy a new one. Isn’t that MAC commercial guy so cool!

Answer #2

I’ve done this.

1.) Turn off Auto-update for you iPod (on the computer that you last synced your iPod to)

1.) Upgrade to iTunes 7 if you haven’t already on the target computer.

2.) Plug your iPod into your computer and choose it.

3.) On the summery tab select “Manually manage songs and video” and “Enable Disk Use.”

4.) Now you should see your iPod as a mapped drive. In iTunes select “Keep my Library Organized” and “Copy Files to iTunes Music Folder When Adding to Library.”

5.) authorize this computer if you need to transfer any iTunes purchased songs, if you only have mp3’s than all the better.

5.) select “Consolidate Library” and the files will be coppied.

As many times as I’ve bashed Apple and the Mac over the years I have to admit that the iPod is a great product. I can play MP3’s on my PDA and PSP but they don’t sound as good as on my iPod. My iPod Nano is last years model but it is tiny; much smaller than my other devices.

funguy is wrong about not being able to burn tunes to CD’s with iTunes. I’ve done it several times making my own compilation CD’s for the car.

Answer #3

I have windows vista and this is how I did it. plug ipod in computer then go to my computer, click where it says ipod or whatever click on organize, then view, then click on show hidden files. then it will show the music file. drag it to desktop and it will copy all songs and videos to your desktop. it takes 5 to 15 minuted(depending how much songs you have). and if it says you cant eject your ipod on itunes because of something just unplug it. it worked for me :) ☺☻

Answer #4

milesaway is right, or just type the question on google or youtube, plenty of programs will do it.

Answer #5

Well. This might suck to hear this. But hear it goes.

When you first purchased your iPod, you probably sycned it onto another computer with a different iTunes.

If you have a newer iPod, then you’re out of luck.

you’ll have to erase and sync.

If you have a more classic iPod, which is the iPod Mini, then you don’t have a problem.

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