How do you play eight ball or pool? How do you rack em up for 8 ba

what are the real rules for 8 ball and how do you properly rack them up?

Answer #1

Usually, you rack them in a order, with 1, then 2/3, then 4,5,6, etc, etc, like a triangle. Then the back row is 4 wide, ball 11 through 15.

After you rack them, one person breaks - if they sink the eight ball on the break, then they lose. Usually in the US people call it “pool” or playing pool. There are differences between the british version and the american version in terms of the detailed rules, etc.

The general idea is one person plays solids, the other plays stripes, and then after you sink the lot, you go for the eight ball. If you call your shot, then you’re good - if you don’t make it, it’s ok, but if you sink in the wrong hole on the eight, you lose.

Hope that helps, if you can elaborate which version of the game…that would help give more detail for a response.

Answer #2

dont forget that you need to go 1 on top, 2 left bottom corner, 3 bottom right, 4 center right, five center left, etc, 8 ball goes in the center. and you have to go solid, stripe, solid, stripe.

Answer #3

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Answer #4

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Answer #5

The correct way to rack is: (Reading the rows from left to right)row 1 solid, row 2 solid stripe, row 3 stripe eight soild, row 4 soil stripe soild stripe, row 5 stripe soild stripe stripe soild. solid in front, eight in middle, stripe soid on oppisite bottom corners

Answer #6

Don’t forget that no matter how old this post is, it stil lcomes up on a Google search, and is still 100% INNACURATE. While in some amateur circles the balls are alternated solid/stripe in the rack, according to the World Standardized Rules of 8-Ball the only requirements for a valid rack are as follows:

  1. The eightball is in the center of the rack
  2. The back two corner balls are opposites (one solid, one stripe)

Traditionally, the 1-ball is used as the front-most ball, but it really doesn’t matter.

More info:

Answer #7

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