How do you open the port on your computer to use uTorrent?

I’m far from a computer genius, so any help plainly explained for ‘dummies’ would be great. =)

When I try to download something using uTorrent, the icon at the bottom starts off yellow and then goes to red saying that there is no connection available. When I run the port forwarding test, it tells me that an error has occurred and that my port does not appear to be open. My firewall isn’t blocking uTorrent, I checked that and I don’t have any p2p privacy apps. My download is still working, but it’s really slow; like anywhere from 3 to 12 kB/s!! I need to know how to open or forward or whatever it is you have to do to your port to get a good uTorrent connection without having to pay $29.95 for PC config. Please help! Thank you.

Answer #1

I’ve used utorrent for years ;)

to get more seeders you need more trackers…

I normally download the torrent im after from btjunkie then go to for the extra trackers.. but as a whole I use as they have every torrent site on their site… so once youve searched for the torrent you want youll have the addy bar at the top and you can search the rest and add the trackers. what will happen is, it will come up: ‘your already downloading this torrent, do you wish to add the trackers?’ but only if you click on the same torrent.

so for example: madonna_intothegroove1980s – thats the torent… you must find the same torrent in order to get the extra trackers

dont forget too that the seeders your seeing might not be there anymore… it takes a while for torrents to update.. or teh sites to update the torrents. :)

try using a different port after youve tried adding more trackers and it didnt work…

use a random port: options - preferences - random port… change it to summet else and see if that helps.

remember that torrents arent about how fast your connection is its about how much the seeders are willing to share.. so if a seeder only has a 10mb downloaed connection with a 1mb upload connection then the 1mb upload speed is the most he can share + utorrent has a 6kb limit untill your downloads start droppin in serious speed… so a seeder can get away with only a 6kb upload seed untill their download speed drops :)

edit:… sorry, the ports are all controled by the firewall so if utorrent is struggling its because of lack of tight arse seeders :p

Answer #2

different sites will hold the exact same torrent with a different / ammount of trackers…

so if you went to btjunkie and searched for scooby doo the 1st thing on the list is ‘Scooby Doo and the Samurai Sword 2009’ and this torrent only has 4 trackers..

but I went to torrentz and with the exact same search found an extra 15…

yes at torrentzap you will find more trackers… but it must be the same torrent, you can normally see then due to the name, size or ammount of files and the name of the files in the torrent…

use ;)

Answer #3

Mmmhmmm…ok. I’m downloading from torrentzap. Can I get extra trackers there? I tried random port. That didn’t do anything. Thanks for your help!

Answer #4

No luck. Same thing. Tons of seeds available, but it seem I’m unable to connect to any of them.

Answer #5

LOL. 25 seeders eh? Are you running anything else? Another download? Virus scanner download? Windows update? If there’s another file with more seeders, I’d go with that. Who knows what the seeders could be doing, downloading more stuff, slow internet connections, not sure.

Answer #6

I’m not exactly sure, I don’t have a uTorrent, I do have limewire if that counts lol! A good connection helps, but it’s not necessarily needed :3

Answer #7

Ok. I’ll try another file. I’m not running anything else. So I don’t necessarily have to have a good connection green icon on uTorrent to get a decent download speed? It doesn’t have anything to do with ports?

Answer #8

Hey spartan! Thanks for your help. There are 25 seeders. What should I try to do? I read about port forwarding and stuff on the internet until my eyes bled. Only about half of it made any sense to me. The rest may as well have been in Korean. Haha.

Answer #9

How many seeders are there?

Anything between 1-3 seeders is kinda bad. Meaning your connection and download rate will be slow as hell. If there’s something like 200 seeders, mind you, that will be a super fast internet connection.

Answer #10

Gee, I thought that using a program like that caused computer VD???

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