How do you make out?

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for 2 months now. We have gone out on and off for the past few years so I feel we are ready to “move on” and I think she is too. The problem is, I have never made out with a girl before so I have NO idea what I’m doing.I really want to actually “kiss” her, not just give her a little peck everytime we say goodbye. Could someone please tell me, How Do You Makeout With Someone?

Answer #1

Dude, just go with it. Making out is not something that can be taught. It’s mostly instinct. Go with what you feel. Do /not/ try to finger her, though. Unless you want to be slapped. But anyways, good luck!


Answer #2

making out isn’t hard. the first thing you want to make sure of is that you don’t have anything in your mouth, like gum or a mint. then you also want to make sure that your girlfriend is comfortable with making out as well. another thing, you don’t want to think about it, just let it happen. start out by kissing her normal, then move it to 3 or 4 kisses like that, then if the timing seems right, open your mouth slightly (she will to) then slide your tongue into her mouth and repeat that several times, then that’s it! hope this helps and good luck!! =)

Answer #3

just so you know, making out makes weiiird noises… it’s kinda awkward if it’s quite

Answer #4

I made out w/ my girlfriend countless times & it usually started watching a movie, but you are better off taking it slow. Its sooo much better if you take it slow. Yeah & don’t finger her your better off dry humping eachother while you do it.

Answer #5

btw, im a girl… 14

Answer #6

ok in a girls point of view do whatever is cool with you and her

Answer #7

well,, i agree that if you haven’t madeout yet then definitely dont finger her. i was at the movies with my EX boyfriend and he started trying to get in my pants soo.. i slapped and dumped him faster than you can say pervert[:

Answer #8

I always have gun when I’m making out, we pass it back and fourth ;) just start kissing her, move your lips towards her lips and aim for the top or bottom so it’s not a peck, start opening your mouth and pop that tongue in, don’t make a rythm of it, just randomly move your tongue around litteraly everywhere her teeth mostly her tongue inside of her cheeks,, the whole 9 yards.

Answer #9

okay…first thing is first…DO NOT FINGER HER!!!!!…just kiss her a few times then just simply stick your tounge into her mouth SLOWLY…then usally the rest comes naturally…if you freez up then just start spelling your name with your tounge…over and over…but make sure she is comfortable wit it…make sure she is comfortable with you touching her in 

Answer #10

makin out isnt hard your girlfiend will let you know if she likes it dont push her into making out

Answer #11

if she isnt comfortable with french kissing aka the tounge, you can just do open mouth kissing, its basicly french kissing with out the tongue, its fun

Answer #12

making out isnt hard. I was going out with this one guy but I didnt know how to make out and I broke up with them and then I went out with this other guy I went to my ex and I was like I want to make out with you and so we went into this room and, it comes natural so you shouldnt be scared at all. at first I was but this is the thing, the other person loves you so if you mess up they shouldn’t break up with you.

Answer #13

move your tounge around and spell part of the alphabet or your girlfriends name with your tounge

Answer #14

well I think your first real kiss should go in to lots more things! I think you should judt start kissing her then open your mouth alittle then just slip your tounge in to her mouth! she will do it to if yous ready and just slid your tounge around hers very slowly! then if your all right with that move your lips down a little down her neck and kiss her and just rub her hand or her leg or even her stomach and keep kissing her neck then move down her chin and her arm and then if theres a bed nearby just pull her over to laydown and just kiss her some more then start moving down her pants and then just do everything to make her feel comfurtable then if you guys are really comfrtable togeather you can take her shirt off and lay over her and kiss her shell love it and then just let w/e happen happen I can garnty you it will be the best night of your life!!!

Answer #15

don’t be afraid. If she feels comfortable wit it than go right along with it. All you have to do is show her that you love her and that you wanna make out with her. When you make out with her all you have to do is stick your tounge inside her mouth as she will do the same and massage your tounge with hers and I’m sure she will do the same thing! good luck!

Answer #16

well.. some girls like fingering and some girls like making out.. I guess it depends on the girl.. but do not rush into anything.. someone will end up getting hurt in the end.

but I’ve also never madout with anyone and I understand where you are coming from.

good luck.

Answer #17

okay when I first made out I didnt know either. I was at the movie theater. I was talk to my friends who were a couple seats over while I was sitting next to my boyfriend. I turn back and our heads are leaning together, we started to look at each other and than we just started kissing, than he opened his mouth and I opened mine. than he stuck his tounge down my throat. I wanted to keep going, but I was sure. later when we were coming out I was just going to give him a peck and he opened his mouth on me. I loved it! now can you give me some of this advice how should I get my new boyfriend to makeuot with me.

Answer #18

I’ve only made out with 1 guy and im still datin him, and tthat was just like last december we made out. I had NO idea what I was doing and like hes tried when we would just do lil kisses he would try and stick his tounge in my mouth and I held my mouth shut and he would get slobber all over me it was kinda nasty, so one day we started kissing and like I opend my mouth a lil and he stuck his tounge in there and like started to ‘fight’ with it haaha.

Answer #19

ASK HER TO GIVE YOU CPR. Lol, I’m a loser, I’m sorry. No, but really the first time me and my girlfriend made out was hmm. A while ago really. We haven’t been going out too long, but I love her and she loves me, so we made out actually really early in the relationship. But for you? Hm. Well we were at the park and we were kissing, and then I accidentally fell back and landed on this little toy thing behind me, then she just leaned over and we started making out. I know, awkward for the first time, eh? Wouldn’t work for you, but I don’t know what else, really. I’m sorry. =[

Answer #20

Welll. Pretty much all you do is regularly kiss and then after a little open your mouth a little more and put your tounge in her mouth and then kinda like…take it in and out of her mouth and sorta? I guess open and close your mouth. It just keeps going like that. haha, I get tired of it sometimes and close when Im supposed to open or somthing and yeahh…its hard to explain. I didnt know my first time making out either…this guy kinda taught me because he was really slow at it so I picked up…lol hope it helps

Answer #21

my boyfriend now is so bad, ugh he like drools on me and after we makeout I always have to wipe around my mouth because its soaked & its so embaressing make sure you dont have a lot of spit in your mouth and drool because thats a turnoff bigtime. also, I always makeout using gum, once your used to it you guys can exchange gum, its cute. k heres a huuuge tip ; before you makeout, eat starburst & have her eat one too. tastes so frigggain good man ;)

Answer #22


well i madeout a couple times all you do is ask her if you want to and she will respect that then just open your mouth move your tongue around naturly !don’t go to fast!

and the tongue part is just not important it is where you put your hands to!

have funn

Answer #23

ok, well

  2. just take her actions do wat she does start kissing then gently stick ur tounge in her omouth now dont SHOVE it down her throat we dont lik that. play wit each other tounges and just repeat w.e u do DONT finger her
Answer #24

how old are you?? am I like the only 17 year old here?! am I the only one that knows experience can’t be taught?! it has to be learned! not every girl likes to be kissed the same way. it’s different each time too. and danielle…what is wrong with you?! the kid wanted advice on how to kiss, not get her into bed!!

okay, just take things slowly. if anything, it should happen naturally.

Answer #25

I just normally put my tongue in his/her (yes, I have made out with girls before…) mouth, and move my tongue around with his/hers… everyone that I’ve kissed said that Im good, so I guess it works… lol

Answer #26

well I started making out when I had my first kiss lol its weird actually I couldn’t stop kissing

Answer #27

you just kiss like move you’r lips around or french theres tons of ways!my first time was easey because the other person asked me about it first but it may be different for you because I am a girl.but my first time was in 7th grade,and I am in 7 grade now!!!wow hu???

Answer #28

u kiss her on the lips then slowly you start sticking your tongue in her mouth.not all the way.then you massage her tongue with urs.:))

Answer #29

well there is a couple different ways to makeout,what I do is gently press my lips to the guys and then iI put my hand on there back and hold him tightly then I slowely stick my tongue out and lick there lips(its sexy to do that)then they always open there mouth and so then I stick my tongue in there mouth and you massage eachothers tongues with your own,carefull dont stick your tongue down there throte!!!o and this is from a 13 year old by the way and I am so dang good with this.

Answer #30

just kiss her on the lips like 2 or three times, and pull her REAL close and ease your toungh into her mouth its that simple, the rest comes natural, trust me

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